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ent upon the size of the external incision as upon the divulsion of the membranous band or collar back of the fossa navicularis at its junction with the urethra naprosyn sr 1000 mg proper. The operation is performed naprosyn ec fort 500 mg painlessly and with respect for the after appearance of the glans in the following manner : After naprosyn ec 500 mg pl preparation of the part the urethra is dis- tended with one quarter per cent, cocaine solution. Eight c. c. of fluid usually distends the entire an- terior urethra, and this is held at the meatus for about three minutes. A cotton applicator as wide as the urethra will naprosyn gel costo naprosyn 500 mg oblong yellow tablets permit to enter, soaked in the cocaine solution, is introduced for about one inch and pressure is made downward on much does naprosyn cost the floor of the canal. A very fine hypodermic needle naprosyn 500 mg oral tablet is then in- troduced under the integinnent in the median raphe at the margin of the glans and frenum, and infiltration with the cocaine solution is made up to naprosyn generic naproxen the very edge of the meatus. If desirable a spray of ethyl chloride can be placed at the point of entry of the needle. The cotton applicator is removed and a thin, straight, blunt pointed bistury is in- ec-naprosyn price troduced. The constriction or band is first severed, then the glans is incised through the infiltrated area sufficient to permit a twenty-six to twenty-eight bougie a boule to enter. This must pass the in- ternal constriction or further divulsion is made within the uretl^ri until the constriction is passed. 'i his is the most important point in the entire pro- cedure: Cut just sufficient to pass the meatus with a medium size instrument, twenty-six to twenty- eigiit, but freely incise the constriction within the urethra. Bleeding is controlled by placing a pledget of cotton well oiled with vaseline within the urethra. 15 Central Park West. TWO NEW FRENCH METHODS FOR STAINING BLOOD FILMS AND BLOOD PARASITES. Bv L. Tribondeau, M. D., Corfu, Medetin principal de la marine hopital de I'Achilleion, Corfu. I have undertaken in France a struggle against the use of German dyes for microscopical work. I wish to extend this attempt to America, the friend and ally of France. The methods given in this ar- ticle are very practical, not only because the technic of the coloration is simple, but especially because the staining solutions ec naprosyn rxlist — Tribondeau eosinates I, II, and III — can be prepared without difficulty by anybody. They are related to the well known methods of Leishman, and provide efficient substitutes for the secret processes of Giemsa and naproxen 500mg generic naprosyn the other German writers. A further account of this work may be found in the naprosyn costochondritis accounts of the Societe dc Biologic (May-June, 1918) where they have been presented by Professor Mesnil of the Pasteur Institute. I. COLORATION METHOD" WITH THE TRIBONDEAU STAIN III. This is essentially a neutral solution there generic naprosyn of eosinate of methylene blue converted by ammonia. can you get high off naprosyn 500mg Of the two 'J ribondeau methods, this one is buy naprosyn 500mg the more rapid in execution and gives more complete results. It only offers the inconvenience of requiring the em- ployment of a very pure and neutral distilled water. Now, certain commercial distilled waters do not possess these qualities. (It is true that one can correct a defective water by redistilling, after the addition of a little silver carbonate got by precipita- tion of a silver nitrate solution with carbonate of soda; but this is a complicated procedure.) Preparation of the Tribondeau stain III. ec-naprosyn generic where can i buy naprosyn — Heat some distilled water to boiling point. Divide : A — fifty c. c. in an enameled basin ; add 0.20 gram pure medicinal methylene blue ; shake to dissolve : B — seventy-five c. c. in a glass ; add 0.30 gram water soluble eosin (French eosin) ; shake to dissolve. Pour B into A by successive fractions. After each addition of B mix for some time with a glass rod ; then, place on a glass slide the naprosyn sr tablet 1000 mg drop of the mixture from the end buy naprosyn tablets of the rod. This drop is at first deep blue and free from precipitate ; then, as the proportion of eosin is increased, the blue be- comes paler and a precipitate appears ; finally, the precipitate increases and the color of the liquid turns from blue to rose. Stop the addition of the eosin as soon as this change occurs. It generally requires a little more than fifty c. c. of B to obtain this result, which is quite easy to observe even to the unprac- tised eve.

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