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ful for those desiring seclusion and rest. The domain of the White Sulphur Springs Com- pany comprises an area of 7,000 acres. Within this park are an eighteen hole and a nine hole golf course. The larger course may be said to be for the real golfers and the smaller, for amateurs. There are five excellent tennis courts and miles of foot paths, bridle paths and roads. A casino is Iv Nitroglycerin situated near the golf greens and tennis courts and offers amusements to those not inclined to exercise. Ntg Nitroglycerin There are several springs at White Sulphur with considerable variation in constituents and physio- logical eft'ects. However, in this article we will confine discussion to the two White Sulphur springs, the radiochalybeate spring and the alum spring. The older White Sulphur spring is the best known and may be said to be the one upon which the reputation of White Sulphur is founded. It is clear and palatable, and maintains a tempera- ture of sixty degrees Fahrenheit. It is classified as Sublingual Nitroglycerin sulphoalkaline, the chief constituents being the sul- phates and bicarbonates of magnesium, sodium and calcium with free carbonic acid gas and traces of sulphuretted hydrogen. Another sulphur spring is adjacent, but Sl Nitroglycerin the waters are not as strong, although of similar composition. The radi ochalybeate spring possesses Order Nitroglycerin a greater ,,,*'!'.'''''''''"' Spray Nitroglycerin ''.'•■ permLssion of the Surgeon General's Office Washington. degree of radioactivity than the other springs and contains iron in an assimilable form. It is used for drinking purposes. The alum spring, as the name implies, Nitroglycerin Spray is different in constitution from the others, its chief constituent being the sulphates of aluminium, magnesium, cal- cium and manganese. The White Sulphur springs' waters are all radio- active to some degree, the radiochalybeate spring being the most higlily charged. The cure at White .Sulphur is effected by bathing in and drinking the waters. The sulphur waters are mildly laxative, diuretic and alterative in effect and are used in conjunction with hydrotherapeutic measures for the treatment of diseases of the stomach, liver, kidneys and other metabolic dis- turbances, the outgrowth of the disfunctions of the organs concerned with vital processes. The radio- chalybeate spring is prescribed in conditions that need an assimilable form of iron as well as its radioactivity. The alum spring Nitroglycerin Iv water, being astrin- gent, finds a usefulness in conditions of the gastro- intestinal tract requiring a sedation of hyperactive fimction. The Nitroglycerin Tablet sulphur water baths are the feature baths of this resort and are particularly efficacious when used with the drinking waters, in conditions of Nitroglycerin Sl dis- turbed metabolism because of nutritional disorders, infections or insufficient elimination, as the gouts, the neuritrides, Buy Nitroglycerin the chronic rheumatisms, arthritis ; malnutritional states, from whatever cause, chiefly gastrointestinal disorders ; intestinal inactivity, kid- ney irritations, obesity, diseases of the skin and the functional nervous diseases and convalescence. The bath establishment of White Sulphur may be said to excel in completeness of equipment and ap- pointments any bath house in -the Nitroglycerin 2 country. It is a three story structure, located near the hotels and is connected Nitroglycerin Mg with both by Nitroglycerin Sublingual enclosed loggias. The ground floor contains the swimming pool, one hun- dred by fifty feet, and th» gymnasium with dress- ing rooms at each end and wide balconies on each side of the swimming pool. The two upper floors are devoted to the bath proper and are connected by elevators with the lower floors. On the second floor are the physicians' offices, the Zander room, inhalation room, and radium room. Equipment pro- vides for giving almost any form of bath, including special baths as are given at Nauheim, Aix les Bains, Vichy, Carlsbad, Baden-Baden, and other Nitroglycerin Cream European Nitroglycerin Tablets Nitroglycerin Buy spas. The eletrotherapeutic depart- ment is well equipped for accessory treatments. The radium Buy Cheap Nitroglycerin room contains the latest apparatus for radium emanation and for artificially charging water for drinking purposes, and Buy Nitroglycerin Online is especially use- ful in the treatment of arthritic conditions. Ap- paratus for superheated air treatment has been in- stalled and is an important accessory in the treat- ment of painful joints, nerves, and muscles. The sulphur baths are given to meet individual require- ments and in the rheumatoid conditions massage is practised during the bath. The baths exercise a specific influence upon the skin and circulation, due <

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