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Morris, Medical Corps, in charge of matters relat- ing to Medical Training Camps, have been promoted to colonel. Colonel William F. Truby, Medical Corps, just relieved from command of Walter Reed General Hospital, D. C, has been assigned to the sanitation division of the Surgeon General's Office. The recent promotion of Lieutenant Colonel Ray- mond P. Sullivan to colonel was the forerunner of his appointment to succeed Colonel William H. Moncrief as chief of the Felodipine Er surgical division of the Surgeon General's Office. All officers now in the division hold temporary commissions in the Medical Corps, having come from civil life since we entered the war and being selected on Plendil Tablets account of their pro- fessional and administrative qualifications. Colonel Sullivan, after several years' experience as a sur- geon in the Mayo clinics at Rochester, Minn., was in active practice in New York City. It is not generally known that any of the per- sonnel of the Medical Department of the Navy is serving on the battlefields of France, but such is the case, for officers of the Naval Medical Corps and members of the Naval Hospital Corps constitute the sanitary forces of the marines fighting in that country, and the highest praise for them has come from those with whom they are serving. Recently an officer of the Marine Corps, who visited wounded marines now at the Naval Hospital at Brooklyn, wrote to the Surgeon General of the Navy an account of what these men said of the naval medical personnel. The officer reports that he heard several of them talking in the highest terms of the Naval Medical Corps. These marines, wounded in the fighting at Chateau Thierrv, cannot sufficiently praise the Naval Hospital men for their I'lrst aid work during the desperate fighting from June 6th to 14th. . According to one of tiiem, "these naval men deserve Buy Cheap Plendil a gold medal, the highest honor they can receive ; before we could reach our objec- tives the navy boys were right out in the field pick- ing up and tagging the wounded. They exposed themselves to the greatest dangers and had no pro- tection, not even guns with which to combat the Germans they might encounter, since it was open fighting." The commandant of the Marine Order Plendil Corps has sent to the Surgeon General of the Navy a copy of a letter from Felodipine 5 Mg the commander of one Plendil Price of the marine regiments to the brigade commander recommending a number of Hospital Corps men for distinguished conduct for service in the face of the enemy. Naval Base Hospital No. 3, under command of Captain C. M. De Valin, of the Naval Buy Plendil Medical Corps, which was organized sometime ago with per- sonnel mostly from Los Angeles, Cal., has arrived on the other side, and it now is located in Scotland, Felodipine 5mg wliere it has been established in a building formerly occupied by the Royal Army Hospital Service. It has hospital accommodations at present for 625 patients, with possibilities of expansion to accom- modate 825 Felodipine 10 Mg if necessary. It will look after patients Felodipine Tablets from the naval personnel and from the personnel of the British and American expeditionary forces. :^ >{: ^ :jc :(; The health and mortality conditions of the navy continue most satisfactory, the latest reports show- ing a death rate for the entire service of i.o per 1,000 per annum. The latest reports of diseases recorded Plendil Online for shore stations in the United States : One case of cerebrospinal fever, seven Felodipine Amlodipine of diphtheria, eighteen of malaria, twenty-three of measles, twenty-two of pneumonia, five of scarlet fever, and one of typhoid, the Buy Plendil Online latter being of a recruit at a naval training station, who probably contracted the Order Plendil Online disease before entering the service. If: ^ :je :{: :)c It has been brought to the attention of the War Department that in that part of the army appro- priation act of July 9, 1918, Amlodipine Felodipine which relates to the army nurse corps, all nurses were given an increase of pay of $10 a month, except those already chief nurses. For these their monthly pay was reduced $10. Before approval of the act, the annual base pay of a chief nurse was $600 with $360 additional as- chief nurse, which gave $960 for a year. Under Generic Plendil the new law, her base pay is $720 and her pay in Purchase Plendil Plendil Mg addition as chief nurse is $120 a year, making the annual pay for chief nurses $840, or $70 a month. It is believed that this was due to inadvertence, but this actual reduction in the pay of chief nurses is causing Cheap Plendil much discontent, as they feel that they have been singled out for a reduction, particularly so as all other nurses received an increase in pay. The War Department has submitted to Congress a

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