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draft of a bill to remedy the situation. Efiforts are being made in behalf of the women of the army nurse corps order praziquantel to provide rank for them. I September m, igiS.] MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE ARMV AND NAl'V 469 At present, the Army Regulations prescribe that the members of the women's nurse corps take rank next after cadets. There is some talk of providing an intermediate grade- for the nurses buy praziquantel between buy praziquantel for humans that of the lowest commissioned rank and the highest noncommissioned rank, similar to the warrant offi- cers' grades in the navy. However, the nurses prefer relative rank as commissioned officers. This is the plan understood to have been adopted in the Canadian and Australian Forces. A bill to that effect has been introduced in the House. According to reports from the surgical division of the Surgeon General's Office, the development of young order praziquantel online surgeons for service with the American ex- peditionary forces in France has more than met expectations. Those that have shown special fitness are working not in isolated cases, but are operating in teams of praziquantel biltricide eight, these teams being formed into groups of fifty. These young men, some of them only a few years out of medical schools, now are performing the praziquantel cost class of surgical work that ten months ago would have been trusted only to the older men of the profession. Endurance and vigor praziquantel 600 mg are the characteristics that place these men in a special class of usefulness for surgical work in the hospitals, and their success has met with high praise from their seniors in the medical corps. When buy cheap praziquantel the navy took over the handling of the army transports, it at the same time assumed the work of caring for the army sick and wounded being brought back from France. Inasmuch as the navv has nothing to do with the transportation of these invalids to the port of foreign embarkation, it re- ceives them as they are se.nt and at praziquantel online once attempts to make them as comfortable as possible on board the returning transports. At the end of every voyage, the invalids are praziquantel uk in- terrogated by inspectors concerning their treatment on the transports, and every suggestion that wil- make conditions better for these men receives care- ful consideration. However, the conditions praziquantel mg of clean- liness, good nursing, and rest on the transports com- pare so favorably praziquantel tablets with those on the railroad trains that take them to the ports of embarkation, that nothing but satisfaction is heard from the men. The good work on board the transports is the result of the provision by the naval medical corps of the best facilities that could be placed on ship- board for caring for sick and wounded. The Sur- purchase praziquantel geon General of the Navy purchase praziquantel online foresaw the indispensa- bility of having everything in readiness for the time when the number of wounded to be returned would be great, and the navy has been ready with every surgical need for generic praziquantel their treatment buy praziquantel online and care. At times it was thought that the navy was carrv- ing a larger number of physicians and surgeons in its medical corps than was necessary, but thev were under training, so that, when they are needed, thev not only are available, but trained in the duties they are called upon to perform. The transportation of the sick and wounded of the army was taken over by the navv after we en- moxidectin praziquantel tered the war. Returning transports, rather than special hospital ships, are used in the service, be- cause, owing to past praziquantel price performances, where to buy praziquantel it was believed that the Germans would be no less apt to attempt to sink hospital ships than transports. Besides, it saves the drain on the available ship tonnage that would occur in the setting aside of vessels for special service as hospital ship. Dr. Charles Edward Gibbs, Dr. Claude William Mitchell and Dr. Richard Baxter Norment, Jr.. have been appointed assistant surgeons in the Public Health Service. Vaccination against Bacilli Dysenteriae. — Peter

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