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NEW YORK, SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 14, 1918 THE VOLUNTEER MEDICAL SERVICE CORPS. The Council of National Defense has sent buy cheap premarin out many thousand blanks to physicians, both men and women, for the enrollment of the legally qualified physicians in the reorganized Volunteer Medical Service Corps. This application blank provides for a complete record of the age, qualifications, experi- ence, and special training of the applicant, and with the information contained in the answers the gov- erning board of the corps will be able to make assignments to duties which will insure the greatest measure of effectiveness with the least possible dis- arrangement of existing premarin online conditions. Every legally qualified doctor not now in generic premarin generic conjugated estrogens the government service is invited and expected to join this corps. Through it, it is hoped to adjust medical service in such a way as to get the best possible results with the medical personnel of the country both in civil and in military life. There are, in the United States, about 144,116 men who are qualified to practise medicine purchase premarin online and about 5,QOO women. Up to the first of this month. about 40,000 of these were either in the govern- ment service or had offered their services. Up to July 12, the Surgeon General had recommended 26,733 doctors for commissions in the Medical Reserve Corps, while about 9,000 had applied and been rejected. Deducting those who had declined commissions, or who had been discharged for physi- cal disability or other causes, the Medical Reserve Corps, on August 23d, numbered 23,531 officers, 22,232 of whom were on active duty. Adding the 1,194 officers of the Medical Corps of the National Guard and the 1,600 in the navy, this gives a total of 38,527 physicians who were either in the service or had applied for commissions, constituting 26.73 per cent, of the legally qualified physicians of the L'nited States who had volunteered in the service of their country. Commissions in premarin price the army, navy, and Public Health Service are being issued to doctors at the rate of 540 a week. There are now 28,674 medical officers in the three services, and it is estimated that 50,000 will premarin tablets eventually be order premarin online necessary for an army of 5,000,000 men. These figures show clearly the need for the sys- tematic organization of the entire medical profes- sion so as to make the best possible use of the purchase premarin personnel of the profession and to prevent the in- fliction of any unnecessary hardships on the civilian population. cheap premarin The withdrawal of so large a propor- tion of the active men of the profession from civil practice will necessarily lead to much inconvenience and even to occasional hardship. Unless some widespread and farseeing system is put into opera- tion, some communities will be left without adequate medical service. This condition exists in many sections of England buy premarin and France. Through the organization of the service into the Volunteer Med- ical Service Corps, it may be possible to so coordi- nate the work of the physicians still left in civil practice as to prevent premarin mg the imposition of any real liardship upon any section of the people. The mem- bers of the profession should therefore give their hearty support to this movement. IMPORTANT STUDIES IN PIGMENT FORMATION. Certain order premarin important studies by Bloch and his fellow workers are made the subject buy premarin online of discus- sion by Arthur Whitfield in the British Journal of Dernwrology and Syphilid, January-March, 1918 [On Some Recent Researches on the Nature and Formation of Pigment]. These contain some EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 471 valuable discoveries in regard to skin pigmenta- tion. The reagent used for the studies is 3.4- buy conjugated estrogens dioxyphenylalanin, called by Bloch, for con- venience, "dopa." Sections of skin are placed for twenty-four hours at room temperature or at 37° C. in a one per cent, watery solution of dopa, after which they are washed buy conjugated estrogens online and mounted. Various elements of the cutis, such as sweat premarin cost glands or sometimes nerve cells, are partly af-

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