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472 EDITORIAL ARTICLES. [New York Medical Journal. ing it a felony for any person aware of a venereal infection Buy Prilosec to have sexual intercourse with any person in either of these two branches of service. A Bureau of Venereal Diseases has already been established in the New York State Depart- ment of Health in accordance with this new law. Its purpose is to Prilosec Mg assist in carrying the act at once into force in the most practical and far reaching manner. Its efforts will be chiefly Prilosec Purchase edu- cational, the arousing of public interest in the prevalence of the disease, its communicable na- ture, its far reaching efifects upon individuals and the community, and to train the public in methods for the control and suppression of these diseases. These efforts will be directed to the public through organization work or public ad- dresses. Mothers' Clubs, Y. W. C. A., and other women's organizations may be reached through a public health nurse, who is one of the members of Prilosec Omeprazole the bureau. Literature will be provided and dis- tributed and other means will be used as may seem desirable. The bureau also contains an organizer and in- spector of clinics and dispensaries, for an impor- tant step will, be to provide clinics and dispen- saries for the treatment of indigent persons. This must include the furnishing of arsphenamine (salvarsan) for the treatment of such cases, and on the production of this substance the State laboratory is now experimenting. A small ap- propriation will soon become available for this purpose. Otc Prilosec The definiteness of program and vigor of cam- paign take their place among the most important of war measures, while at the same time they strike directly at one of the Prilosec 20 Mg most crying needs of the civil What Is Prilosec population. The campaign will later extend itself to the dividing of the state into sec- tions, where each Purchase Prilosec section will be made a unit for carrying on the work. MONTREAL AND INFANT Online Prilosec MORTALITY. Prilosec Buy The number of deaths among infants in a large city like Montreal is a disgrace to modern pre- ventive medicine. Either that city needs clean- ing up or else it is 20 Mg Prilosec lacking in determined and in- telligent direction of effort. That it easily leads all other North American cities in the annual death rate among infants is not a matter for pride. That it has been Prilosec Otc doing so is notorious. Surely the medical profession of that city should search out the cause and remove it. Fifty thou- sand children have died in the past thirteen years without attaining the first anniversary of their birth ; and thirty-five hundred infants died in one recent year. It is a glaring fact also that this depletion of Omeprazole Prilosec the infant life of that city is continu- ous from year to year, although some slight im- provement has been evidenced in recent years, which may be presented as follows : From Jan- uary 1st to Order Prilosec July 13th in each of the years 1914 to 1918, the totals have been 2,352 deaths; 2,425; Cheap Prilosec 1,883 ; 2,231 ; 1,820. Comparisons may be according to Shakespeare odorous, or as commonly put, odious — which is Smollett — but when put forward they are gener- ally meant to be for betterment somewhere, and that betterment Coupon Prilosec is sorely needed in Montreal. Some time ago Toronto established health cen- tres, and an active, well directed campaign was instituted. The result is that Toronto's infant mortality is about one half that of her big sister in the east. Where Toronto spends seventy cents per capita in modern preventive medicine, Montreal spends thirty cents. Given jNIontreal a double Prilosec Online financial, or even a treble, arm. the re- sults Prilosec 20 would be correspondingly satisfying. Recently a municipal expert was investigating the conduct of affairs in the city of Montreal. He found out that Montreal had a so called Board of Health that scarcely ever met, and recom- mended that it be abolished, and that a new one composed of prominent citizens interested in public health should take its place. When Prilosec Cheap the new board is in active working order, and more

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