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money is forthcoming, then Montreal propecia cost in india may ex- pect to free itself propecia discount pharmacy from this lamentable stigma which now clings to its skirts. To the propecia cost comparison commu- nity belongs the blame and the disgrace! Statistics have been published by the Immigra- tion Department at Ottawa, which show the in- fant mortality rate in the largest centres in Can- propecia discount card ada, and which, incidentally, show that Ottawa cannot be too self congratulatory in this resi>ect. Vancou\er had propecia cost with insurance sixty-one deaths per 1,000 of births in 1917; Calgary, seventy-seven; Toronto, eighty; Edmonton, ninety-nine; Winnipeg, 108; St. John, N. B., 118; Montreal, 185; Ottawa, 222. Inquiry of the Records Branch, Department of Health, Toronto, elicits the information that in Toronto in 1917 there were 12,110 births, and that the mor- tality under one year was 1,112 cases, which would give a rate about ninety-two per thousand births. Perhaps Doctor Bryce, of the Immigration Depirt- ment. Ottawa, should look more carefully into his statistics. As there never was a time when the conserva- tion of human life should be so emphasized, espe- cially in all English speaking communities, it EDITORIAL ARTICLES. 473 most assuredly behooves the how much does propecia cost uk medical profession as a body to be active in spirit and active in do- ing. It is to the man and woman of action that the cry of the youngsters should appeal. See what action has done for Toronto: Up to 1913 [i infant deaths had been increasing year by propecia price uk year. In If that year they propecia discount program reached 421 for every 100,000 of 11 the population. The Health Department became very propecia cost per month active. In 1914 there were 331 deaths; in 1915, 300; in 1916, 293; in 1917, 235. MALIGNANT GROWTHS OF THE SKIN. The history of cutaneous sarcomata is of re- cent date, the first case report having been pub- lished by Kobner in 1869. This propecia cost uk was followed by the epoch making papers of Vidal, Perrin, Hallo- discount propecia online peau, and Kaposi. But, with all that has been written on this subject, the question is still very obscure. Cases of propecia cost without insurance sarcoma are far from being compar- able with each other, their structure and clinical picture presenting marked differences. In one group the evolution and generalization of the process are discount propecia sufficiently fixed so that they can be compared to a definite disease. On the other , hand, there is a second group comprising neo- plastic forms having little similarity either in propecia cost their evolution or development. In sarcomata assuming the form of a disease may be placed the generalized pigmentary sar- comatosis of Kaposi and the multiple hypoder- mic sarcomatosis of Perrin. Pigmentary sarco- matosis begins on the limbs, buy discount propecia at first in the form of a hard edema discount propecia australia accompanied by "wine spots." Then gradually these infill rated areas assume a dark color and coincidently slowly growing no- dules appear. In a short time the sarcomatosis has become generalized, no viscus escaping its ravages. The type described by Perrin is quite different. In this variety the process begins at any point of the body surface excepting the extremities. The onset may be either slow o" rapid. At first only a few nodules are found, but soon they multiply in the areas involved. The hands and feet are always exempt from aaa discount propecia the process. discount generic propecia In the case of sarcomata developing as a cuta- neous growth a distinction should be made be- tween the melanotic and the nonmelanotic sar- coma. The first are characterized by their pig- ment content, melanin, a pigment quite different from tliat present in Kaposi's pigmentary sar- coma. Melanin is found normally in the iris, cb'Toid, in certain parts of the meninges, in the basal membrane of Malpighi's bodies, and in cer- tain small congenital neoplasms. Therefore, this type of sarcoma frequently arises in the above named structures, particularly in pigmented nevi. At propecia tablets cost in india the outset a melanotic sarcoma is usually single and very small in size, gradually increas- ing to the volume of a small orange. It is oval or spherical in shape. It is frankly black in hue.

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