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liberal application of petrolatum. Abuse of Drainage Tubes. — Frank Hathaway (British Medical Journal, June 29, 1918) renova cost urges surgeons to take courage and give up the use of drainage tubes, practising primary suture and thus preventing the dangers of secondary infection. In wounds of the extremities he practises complete primary excision followed by suture. Where iDone is involved he cleans out part of the medullarv cav- ity and fills the dead space with a mixture of thy- mol, petrolatum and candle wax, closing the wound by suture. He even has gone so far as to close the incision in cases of perforated gastric ulcer, pus tubes, gonococcal peritonitis, and empyema after treatment and mechanical cost of renova cleansing buy renova o^- the peri- toneum or pleura. His results have been excellent. 47^ MODERN TREATMENT AND PREVENTIVE MEDICINE. Sterilization of Local Anesthetics. — M.. Mac- naughton-Jones {Lancet, June 29, buy renova cream 1918) advocates the preparation of any of the local anesthetics in the form of very concentrated solutions along with sodium chloride, which in the high concentrations employed not only preserves sterility, but also rend- ers contaminated solutions sterile in a few days. The solutions should be made of such strength that they will require dilution forty times with sterile, distilled water for use. These concentrated solu- tions should be kept in sealed glass tubes. Since the reduction of the osmotic pressure of the solution to a point equal to that of a four tenths per cent, solution of salt materially enhances the anesthetic property of any solution, the most desirable solu- tions to be used are such as will have this osmotic order renova pressure. The amount of drug to be used along with the salt can be determined by its molecular weight. Thus the molecular weight of procaine is four and six tenths times that of sodium chloride, and therefore one part of sodium renova purchase buy renova online chloride is equal in price of renova osmotic pressure renova cream to four and six tenths parts of procaine. The simplest method of preparing the concentrated solutions is to use the quantities of the anesthetic, salt, epinephrin, etc., which are desired, per 1000 parts of solution and to make them up to twenty-five parts. Two most serviceable formulas for concentrated solutions follow, each requiring renova prices dilution with forty parts of distilled water for use : I. Procaine, 3.25 ; Sodium chloride, 3-25 ; Epinephrin hydrochloride (l-iooo), 8.00; renova uk Water to make 25.00. II. Cocaine hydrochloride 2.0; renova coupon Sodium chloride (approximate), 3-75; Epinephrin hydrochloride (l-iooo), 6.0; Water to make 25.0. Achylia Gastrica. — J. L. Mortimer {Colorado Medical, May, 1918) says that dietetic management is the foremost factor in the treatment of this condition and that this must be strictly individual- ized, according to the predominating symptoms. Since meat cheap renova is generally poorly tolerated it should be served minced or hashed, if at all, and should be of the white variety by preference, including fish. Such vegetables as potatoes, spinach, carrots, string beans and asparagus should be given in the form of purees. Excepting butter and cream, the fats are poorly where can i buy renova tolerated and should be reduced to the minimum. The flow of the gastric juices may be renova online stimulated by the use of bouillon, meat broths and carbonated waters. All milk taken should be boiled, and cocoa, malted milk, rice, tapioca, eggs, buttermilk, toast, zwieback, and reheated stale bread may be renova canada allowed. Medicinal treatment is of less importance, but the effort should be made to sub- stitute some of the hydrochloric acid and pepsin by administration of these two agents. The bitters are useful at times Gentle lavage with normal salt solution, or .salicylic acid or resorcin in i : 1,000 solutrsn purchase renova online should be practised about three times weekly, where there is gastric fermentation and accumulation of mucus. Gentle abdominal and general massage, abdominal faradization and the Priessnitz 4j||| hot abdominal comnress, or alternat- ing hot and cold abdominal douches may be of value. Treatment of Empyema. — S. M. discount renova Rinehart and renova price

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