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trict of Russia eighty per cent, of all adult males are afflicted with night blindness, due to poor food and excessive physical labor. Hemeralopia may occur with or without opht^almoscopically visible lesions of the retina. It is constant in retinitis punctata and in detachment of the retina. It is especially impdr- tant cheap seroquel no prescription in certain frequent syphilitic conditions, such as retinitis or chorioretinitis pigmentosa, which may be seroquel cost per pill ascribed to parasitic thrombosis of the nutrient cap- illaries. Hemeralopia unaccompanied by visible lesions may be due to various causes. One variety is the so called essential cheap alternative seroquel hemeralopia, congenital and often inherited. In old men partial hemeralopia is due to retinal capillary sclerosis ; premature senes- ence particularly in alcoholics, produces the sarne result. Powerful electric shocks cause hemeralopia by arresting the seroquel cost without insurance secretion of visual purple and buy seroquel online no prescription qui- nine, either by direct toxic action or spasm of the capillaries. Certain nephritic and hepatic affections are also toxic causes of it. Among soldiers it is rather frequent. Some of these cases have had a relative hemeralopia in cheap seroquel xr civil life, due to myopia and thinning of the choroid, the condition being then aggravated by hard trench life, a diet almost ex- clusively of meat, and attacks of enteritis. Chronic alcoholism has proven an important factor, actmg m conjunction with fatigue and lack of sleep, generally in men between the ages of thirty-five and forty-five. Rest in bed, a milk diet, and diuretics, followed by a meatless diet, soon improve bona fide cases. Maling- erers can be detected by inquiry buy seroquel online canada among their com- rades in arms. Heat Stroke.— Pierce McKenzie and E. R. seroquel cost Lc Count {Journal A. M. A., July 27, 1918) l|^ve in- vestigated several of the problems of heat stroke and find that the condition is most common in the river valleys and the lowlands of the Mississippi and the eastern and souther coast states. Excessive humidity combined with high temperature are chiefly responsible both for insolation and simple heat stroke. Causes of less importance are lieavy and tight clothing, and the consumption of too little water. From post mortem examination of the bodies of thirty-seven persons who died of heat stroke the following were found to be the common changes : Edema of brain, lept«|pieninges, or both ; marked general passive hyperemia, especially of the brain buy seroquel online uk and lungs; edema of the lungs; hyperplasia of the spleen ; cloudy swelling of the liver, buy seroquel uk kidneys, and myocardium ; and petechial hemorrhages in the nnicous membranes and skin, with irregular and lessened yellow material in the suprarenal cortex. The spinal fluid was clear and colorless in all the cases and usually increased in amount. Actual de- termination of the water content of sections from the brains of a number of the cases showed that in practically every instance this was appreciably above the normal. The prophylaxis and treatment of heat stroke buy seroquel online cheap should include a diet largely of carbohy- drates, of low caloric value and low protein and fat content; the wearing of loose, light clothing, pro- tection of the head from the sun ; abstinence from alcohol ; avoidance of extreme muscular exertion when the air is hot and humid ; and especially the drinking of large amounts of water, up purchase seroquel xr to three gallons daily for a seroquel cost comparison cheap seroquel online man working in the hot sun. In treatment, in addition to the use of cardiac stimulants and the application of cold baths or ice packs, the rectal or intravenous administration of a solution of sodium chloride and sodium bicarbo- nate seems of value. Where com? has lasted for several days buy seroquel no prescription lumbar puncture is sometimes bene- ficial. ' % Traumatic Neurosis. — Walter F. Schaller (Journal A. M. A.. August 3, 1918) from a careful investigation of the literature of this subject, and a painstaking study of a series of civil cases, suffi- ciently long after the accident to determine the final outcome, concludes that traumatic neurosis is cur- able but that many factors influence the prognosis. Of cheap seroquel the psychic factors, seroquel cost usa that of compensation is one of the most important and recovery is more rapid after the final settlement or following an early lump sum payment than under the periodic payment plan. Influences which also favor recovery include favor- able environment for the patient, the absence of un- favorable suggestion ; the absence of a fixed belief on the patient's part that he has been seriously seroquel cost australia and permanently injured or has received improper treat- ment : the absence of organic disfigurement or de- fect ; the presence of a cheerful frame of mind ; and the occurrence of predominantly neurasthenic, rather than hysterical symptoms. The nature of the original injury seems of little significance so far as recovery is concerned. These observations are of importance in guiding us in the handling of seroquel cost canada the cases of war traumatic neurosis and they should be borne in mind in treating military patients. Proceedings of National and Local Societies ASSOCIATION OF AMERICAN PHYSICIANS.

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