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introduction of large numbers of pneumococci and streptococci, in many instances, there was con- siderable destruction of tissue. Major W. W. Herrick said that they had had hundreds of cases of streptococcus pneumonia fol- lowing measles at Camp Jackson. They found that patients with measles were extremely susceptible to cold. It was best to keep these cases at an even temperature with beds carefully screened. The cough must be thoroughly controlled, and, under these conditions, a Slimfast 123 very much lower percentage of streptococcus pneumonia followed. Dr. RfFus Cole, in conclusion, said that the streptococcus form of the disease was spreading to the civil population. Purchase Slimfast There were probably many types of hemolytic streptococci, but at the present time Slimfast Price differentiation was impossible. There was no doubt of the significance of the studies Cheap Slimfast Products made at Camp San Antonio. Whether the men were becom- ing more susceptible to the disease was not known. Major C. N. B. C.amac remarked that if di- Slimfast Cheap chloramine-T was used for a throat spray there were very few pulmonary complications. The process of infection seemed to be from above down and seemed to run like wild fire through the respiratory passages. If it could be controlled in the throat, it did not spread downwards. Antiscorbutics and Intravenous Therapy for Scurvy. — Dr. Alfred F. Hess, of New York, em- phasized the necessity of antiscorbutics in any diet. In ships, in the days of sailing vessels and prolonged voyages, there were always cases of scurvy. The civil population was also dependent upon antiscor- butics in the food, and it was not always realized how narrow the margin of safety was. In Ireland, Slimfast Cost when the potato crop failed, scurvy at once appeared. From the military point of view antiscorbutics were important. In Russia, during the war, there had been thousands of scurvy cases. In France, in one sector, of 1,000 men. 850 had the disease. If the war kept on this might assume serious aspects, and it was necessary to consider The Slimfast Diet what foods were anti- scorbutic. Experiments showed that dried vege- tables soon lost antiscorbutic properties. Orange Slimfast Canada juice, if preserved, also lost this property. Orange peel, which was a waste product, seemed to have the Slimfast Snack Bars property of staying antiscorbutic in action. Its use in asylums where the price of Slimfast 123 Plan oranges made their use prohibitive, would be an economic measure. It was found also that boiled orange Order Slimfast juice, given Buy Cheap Slimfast in intravenous injection, acted like a charm in scurvy. Buy Slimfast Online Scurvy could be absolutely controlled by giving heated and neutralized orange juice intravenously, on a large scale. Thyroid Hormone in Relation to Metabolism. — Mr. E. C. Kendall reported that a definite chem- ical substance had been isolated from the thyroid gland, containing six per cent, of iodine. This was found to have a marked effect on cretinism and myxedema. The substance existed in two forms, an amino group Order Slimfast Online and an acetyl one, which bore to each other the same relation as creatine did to creatinine. In the myxedematous patient the metabolism was forty per cent, below normal and could be increased to normal by the injection of this hormone. The iodine content of the hormone did not enter into its action, but merely increased the reaction of the functioning groups. Unusual Types of Diarrhea. — Dr. T. R. Brown stated that Slimfast Australia the mechanism of normal peri- stalsis was easily disturbed. Vasomotor abnormali- ties, abnormal substances, psychic stimuli, etc., were all Slimfast Shaker causes of diarrhea. Diarrheas were of many kinds — gastroenterogenous, achylic, of Graves's dis- ease, of tabes, of sprue, of cholecystitis. In the thyrogenous diarrhea the nervous syndrome was the cause. In the diarrhea after cholecystectomy the stools showed absence of trypsin and diastase. These diarrheas were pancreatogenous in origin, but gastric diarrheas were not. In tabes there was the true neurogenic type. In sprue there was no trypsin or diastase in the stools ; pancreatin Purchase Slimfast Online could be given with good result. In appendicitis and colitis there were probably erosions of the mucosa, due to bac- terial infection. Open drainage for three months would cure these cases by changing the bacteria of tlic lower valve from anaerobic to aerobic. Chronic Septicemic Endocarditis and Spleno- rfiegaly. — Dr. D.wid Slimfast Tablets Riesman, of Philadelphia, pointed out in his paper that patients with this dis- ease might become bacteria free and yet succumb. The symptoms often included anemia, joint pains, albuminuria, nephritis, abdominal pain, and heart murmur. The spleen was always enlarged and ob- scured the Slimfast Meals underlying heart effect. The disease might be mistaken for splenic anemia. The accumu- lation of bacteria in the spleen often prevented the cure of the disease. If this focus could be con- trolled, the heart lesion might be improved. In the case of a man fifty-seven years of age, in whom Doctor Deaver removed the spleen, the condition

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