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5? tCNO LABEL) 1 avanafil online HI . ( ' II T( AO( ) t^^ A I stendra tablets /ro?^ 1^A1I.\VA\ C o.Ml'ANYS em:e PA CY E I^IKFXJIK )NS IXSII )F. >,0 -Q. Gj CX-C —. ;o buy stendra online I JJ n o -n - =^ - ^ i c c ^ 3 purchase stendra i> o tttj o [FACSIMILE OF WRAPPEHl (£ND generic avanafil LABEL I 1.- 'iliL' (Jbicago & Alton Railway avanafil 50 mg Company's eiuergency package. struction of employees in first aid will also be carried on. A stretcher is provided which, when not in use, may be taken apart ; making a bundle, 3 feet, 6 inches, by purchase stendra online 6 inches in order stendra diameter, ready for use cheap stendra either as stendra online a stretcher or as a cot. The first aid boxes consist of an outside wooden box with hinged lid, Sj^i inches b)' 6 inches buy stendra by 4 inches, per- manently secured in locomotives and at other points where installed. Each wooden box con- where to buy avanafil/extendra tains a sealed tin box provided with six sterilized first aid packages. Each packet contains one large triangular bandage, one generic stendra avanafil cost ordinary roller bandage, two compresses, two safety pins, but no drugs or liquors. When the seal of the tin box is broken, a new one is put in place and the one with a broken seal sent in and refilled. For convenience of inspection, the wooden boxes have a seal on the lid fastener, A smaller package than this is employed by the Chicago and avanafil de 200 mg Alton Railroad, measuring 6 inches by 3 inches by 2 inches. A reproduction of the same is stendra price here shown, together with the label on the outside: The leaflet which accompanies this small box, is admirable for its terseness and clearness, and is published as a type of sensible advice. On the last page is an illustration, showing how avanafil de 100 mg to apply cheap avanafil the Spanish windlass to stop bleeding: THE stendra cost CHICAGO & ALTON RAILWAY COMPANY.

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