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cleared up after operation. The General Theory of Clinical Diagnosis, with Special Reference to the Application of a Key Principle to Major Groups of Mental Dis- ease. — Dr. E. E. Southard, of Boston, cheapest strattera said that books on medical logic were dust covered, or even remained with pages uncut. The question of "what is diagnosis" was rarely considered. There 486 PROCEEDINGS OF NATIONAL AND LOCAL SOCIETIES. [New York Medical Journa were various methods of diagnosis and different factors such as inspection, and type matching formed part of these methods. Other forms, such as diagnosis by exclusion, were used, and the form called "ex javantibus" which was to treat the patient for syphilis, and ii he got well to say that he had syphilis, was often in use. In mental dis- ease type matching was impossible as any symp- toms of mental disease would match all cheap generic strattera forms of mental disease, in other words, there was no in- dicator. In regard to exclusion, every mental case deserved to be tested for syphilis. This should be cheaper alternatives to strattera excluded if possible. In most mental diseases there was no diiYerence in treatment, and therefore there was not much use in dififerentiating the disease. can i buy strattera online About fifteen per cent, of mental disease was due to syphilis. Some sort of pragmatical scheme for orderly arrangement in diagnosis should be fol- lowed, first observation, then comparison, then ex- clusion, then addition of statistical data. This method was largely cheapest strattera online neglected in the text books and even in class A schools. Dr. Lewellys F. Barker, of Baltimore, like Doc- tor Southard, urged a pragmatical method. It strattera price australia was necessary order strattera online canada to work from the pragmatical standpoint. TJiere was only one real strattera cost 40 mg diagnosis, the one which considered the patient as a whole. The somatic, psychic, and all other systems must be considered. The steps in diagnosis were briefly: Feeling of a difficulty; suspension of judgment until evidence was collected ; making of an anamnesis ; laboratory tests; X ray tests. All this should be done before thinking of the diagnosis. The whole man should be studied, and then the data arranged in order to stimulate suggestion. The different systems should be next considered, cardiovascular, nervous, ali- mentary, etc. The mind could now range over facts and leap to certain conclusions in which pro- buy strattera online cheap cess, experience and intuition would play a large part. Then by process of deduction and reasoning the diagnosis could be get strattera cheaper made. Clinical Types of Paralysis. — Dr. cheapest place buy strattera J. Ramsay Hunt, of New York, said that paralysis agitans was one of the types of paralysis due to effect on the corpus striatum. Associated movements were due to effects on the striospinal system, and dis- sociated movements to the cortical system. In normal individuals these systems worked together, in pathological conditions they became strattera 25 mg street price dissociated. Paralysis represented this phase. There were two types of movement : in the cortical type clonus strattera costs without insurance was present, in paralysis agitans it was absent. Often the two types were combined owing to the juxta- position of the corpus striatum to the internal capsule. Recognition of the two types of cheaper alternative strattera cheapest price strattera paralysis would help in diagnosis. Certain Phases of Hypertension. — Dr. E. S. Smith, of Boston, do you need prescription strattera read this paper. To avoid brain disaster, hypertension must be controlled. Factors entering into normal circulation were strattera prescription price the peripheral resistance of the vessels, the propulsion much does strattera cost canada of the blood through the arteries, and the vaso- motor control. Hypertension was often caused by accumulation of toxic end products of bacterial pro- teins. If it persisted it caused strain on the heart and cardiac fibres. The cases where arterioscler- osis had resulted from hypertension were different from the luetic type. In regard to treatment, at- tention was paid to focal infection, absolute rest was ordered, and the protein intake of the diet was limited. Digitalis was given, but no vasodilators, unless in extreme emergency. Function of the Thyroid Gland. — Dr. H. S. strattera 40 mg street price Plummer, of Rochester, Minn., said that the pro- ducts of the thyroid were thyroxin, a hormone, and colloid. The latter did not play any part in general functioning. Hypertrophy was an indication that the thyroid was over stimulated and was supplying the body with too much hormone. Colloid de-

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