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agement of industries under war conditions. There had been excessive speeding up of industries synthroid price with an associated degree of carelessness excused on the ground of war conditions. We had sooner or later to take cognizance of this prevailing form of order synthroid online ex- cuse. synthroid cost Fortunately the Government through various agencies was taking up the regulation of industries. The new industrial poisons, suddenly let loose, and concerning which there had been until very recently the most inadequate knowledge, had occasioned many cases of illness and perhaps a considerable number of deaths. Physicians, order synthroid apart from the few who happened to have special knowledge of in- dustrial medicine, were familiar with even the scanty literature which existed upon this subject. Cases of apparently obscure illnesses, located at times some distance from the industrial plant, were verv ordinary instances of industrial poisoning and perfectly apparent to those experienced with them. It was time that the synthroid mg medical profession realized the probability of encountering such industrial disease. Doctor Stengel suggested that there should be in- stituted public meetings to which physicians should be encouraged to come that an educational program might be enforced. Many hundred thousand in the industrial centre of Philadelphia were exposed to fumes of the most intense poisons, and were in the habit of going from place to place, as mentioned by Doctor Patterson, in each industrial plant having re- newals synthroid online of the poisoning, so that the amount of in- capacitation and death was a serious matter. Doctor Stengel believed all medical schools had consented to incorporate in their curriculum, definite courses of lectures with examinations and tests, to make it in- cumbent upon students to acquaint themselves with these diseases. Collectanea Standards for Discharge in Venereal Disease. — The generic synthroid following are the minimum requirements for a complete cure in syphilitic cases as synthroid buy online given in Public Health Reports, July 19, 1918: No' treatment for one year, during which time there have been no symptoms, no positive and several cost of synthroid negative Wasser- mann reactions ; a negative provocative Wasser- mann reaction ; a negative spinal fluid examination ; a complete negative physical examination, having special reference to the nervous and circulatory sys- tems ; a luetin test may also be included. A pa- tient may, however, be discharged as noninfectious when a complete clinical examination in which spe- cial em])hasis is laid on thorough exploration of the skin and mucous membranes, particularly those of the orifices of the respiratory, gastrointestinal, and genitourinary tracts, shows the absence of any area from which infectious matter can be price of synthroid disseminated. Such a discharged patient should be warned to re- main under observation until such time as a com- plete cure is effected by a proper course of treat- ment carried on for a definite period ; because al- though noninfectious at the time, he may become again infectious to others through contact, and the disease will be probably transmitted to his offspring until he is actually cured. In gonorrhea, before discharging male patients as noninfectious, the following requirements must be met : Freedom from discharge ; clear urine, no shreds ; the pus expressed from the urethra by pro- static massage must be negative for gonococci on four successive examinations synthroid mcg at intervals of one week; after where to buy synthroid dilatation of the urethra by passage of a full sized sound, the resulting inflammatory discharge must be negative for gonococci. In fe- male patients there must be no urethral nor vaginal discharge ; and two successive negative examina- tions of purchase synthroid online secretions of the urethra, vagina, and the cervix, with ah interval of buy cheap synthroid forty-eight hours, and repeated on four successive weeks. The patient should be requested to return at frequent intervals for examination. Careful technic should buy synthroid be followed in procuring smears from female patients. Fre- quently smears are made by doctors which have ab- solutely no value — the whole field is so filled with contaminating organisms that no diagnosis can be made, either positive or negative. Pharyngeal Hemorrhage Due to Leeches. — J. M. Bigfgs (Journnl of Tropical Medicine and Hy- giene, April I, 1918) reports the case of a white man who had been in Egypt eight months and had taken a drink of water in his cup from a running stream. A few hours later he began coughing and brought up some blood. This continued up to the time of his admission to hospital, ten days later. The pharynx was congested and the voice hoarse. During the fourth night after admission he com- plained of synthroid cheap a choking sensation and coughed some- synthroid levothyroxine thing into his mouth which he did not expectorate, as he "feared it was a piece of his synthroid tablets lung." Next morning he found it had stuck to his upper gum, purchase synthroid

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