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aimed. Examination order tinidazole online by regions rather than by systems helps to maintain that preliminary suspen- sion of judgment regarding the nature of the patient's ailment that I have already tinidazole tindamax referred to as desirable. The points to be noted in the regional examina- tions and in the examination of the nervous system are indicated m the accompanying table : b. Regional examination. i. Head (skull; face; eyes; ears; nose; mouth; throat; glands). ii. Neck (form; thyroid; tracheal tug; esopha- gus ; blood vessels ; lymph glands ; cervical spine; cervical ribs; tumors; wry neck). iii. Thorax (form; bones; coverings; breasts; axillary hirci and glands ; lungs ; pleurae and mediastinum; heart and aorta). iv. Abdomen and pelvis (inspection; palpation; percussion ; auscultation of abdomen and ab- dominal viscera ; examination of rectum and of urogenital apparatus). V. Extremities (skin; bones; joints; muscles; nerves). c. Examination of the nervous system. i. Sensory functions (cutaneous ciprofloxacin tinidazole and deep sensi- bility, stereognosis ; special senses), ii. Motor functions tinidazole vs metronidazole (muscular power; finer movements, including speech and writing; coordination; tonus), iii. Reflexes (pupils; deep reflexes of extremities; superficial reflexes ; plantar and abdominal ; sphincters), iv. Autonomic functions (vasomotor; secretory; trophic), vi. Mental state' (orientation; memory; calcula- tion ; attention ; sense deceptions ; pathologi- cal ideas; mood; psychogenic data; etc.). Such a general, physical, and psychical examina- tion can be made very quickly tinidazole tablets by any one who has been thoroughly trained in internal medicine and who has buy cheap tinidazole tinidazole tablets 500mg worked long order tinidazole enough to acquire skill in the technic of the methods of examination. The report, when typewritten, is placed in a numbered folder, along with the record of the anamnesis, and to these records are added, as they come in, the reports of the laboratory exammations. x ray examination, and examinations by specialists. All this material ciprofloxacin and tinidazole is acctunulated before any attempt is made to sum- marize the data and to arrange them according to the anatomical physiological systems to which they may especially be related. 3. Requesting the application of certain labora- generic tinidazole tory tests. — The clinical laboratory is now so firmly established as an indispensable part of the outfit necessary for purchase tinidazole online clinical studies ofloxacin tinidazole that pretend to any kind of thoroughness that one no longer assumes ■ that any internist can do satisfactory work without calling upon it extensively fortinidazole giardia earlier years of their practice, and it is certainly important that every working internist shall have had an extensive tinidazole norfloxacin first hand knowledge of the pro- cedures of the clinical laboratory and that, even after tinidazole online he becomes too busy to make the routine tests himself, he should keep in close touch with men working in clinical laboratories, inform himself thoroughly of the principles, advantages and limita- tions of new tests as they are devised and, prefer- ably, continue through his lifetime ciprofloxacin and tinidazole tablets to engage at ^If the exploratii systematic enough omitted here. in this direction has been full enough and the recording of the anamnesis, it may be least to some extent in laboratory practice himself. The time soon comes, however, as buy tinidazole well for the suc- cessful general practitioner as for the fasigyn tinidazole consulting in- ternist when it is impracticable for him to make his laboratory tests, either routine or special, for him- self and he is compelled to choose and to rely upon either assistants or colleagues who specialize in laboratory work to make these tests for him and to send him reports of the results. It is essential that whoever makes the laboratory tests shall be not only conscientious but well trained. Very serious diagnostic errors are often the norfloxacin and tinidazole result of reliance upon reports from unreliable laboratory workers. The niuiiber of possible laboratory tests that may

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