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be made is legion, and each internist must decide for himself which he topamax generic price will choose as a minimum routine requirement in a general diagnostic survey. My own practice for some time past has been to have made as a routine in every case in which there topamax order online is no contraindication the tests listed in the follow- ing table : a. Routine tests. i. Examination topamax generic availability of the blood. Red blood corpuscles count. White blood corpuscles count. Examination of the hemoglobin. topamax mg for weight loss Differential count of white blood corpuscles in stained smears. .Search for parasites. Wassermann reaction, ii. Examination of sputum, especially for tuber- cle bacilli, iii. Examination of stomach contents. Free HCl, combined HCl, and total acidity. Occult topamax 100 mg weight loss blood. Lactic acid. Oppler-Boas bacillus. iv. Examination of feces. Macroscopic appearance. Undigested food. get prescription topamax Occult blood. Bile. Parasites or their eggs, v. Examination of urine (night and day speci- mens. Physical (color; reaction; specific gravity). Chemical (albumin; sugar; diacetic acid). Microscopical (red blood corpuscles; white blood corpuscles ; casts) ; In addition to these routine tests, applied in buying topamax online every case,- topamax generic vs brand it is often desirable to have certain other lab- oratory tests made. Thus, an examination of the cerebrospinal fluid may be thought necessary if there are meningeal topamax order symptoms, or if nervous symp- toms exist in a man who has had lues, though no one would be topamax 50mg and weight loss so foolish as to think of examining the cerebrospinal fluid of every patient as a routine matter. Again, when continued fever is present it is advisable buy topamax online without script to have a blood culture made ; when the blood pressure migraine prescription topamax is high or other signs suggestive of renal disease are present, special tests of renal func- tion may be applied ; when a peculiar cardiac ar- rhythmia is found on physical examination, poly- graphic tracings or electrocardiographic studies will be indicated. And of the like many more instances might be cited. Among the special laboratory tests that I employ most order topamax canada often I would mention particu- larly those topamax generic brand need prescription topamax in the following table : ^Sometimes, of course, no sputum can be obtained for examination. In certain instances, too, the passage 100 mg topamax of a stomach tube may be contraindicated. 1 r September 21, igiS.l do i need a prescription for topamax BARKER: GENERAL DIAGNOSTIC STUDY BY INTERNIST. 493 'I rdiaij *<*?. 2. Special tests (in certain cases). i. Cerebrospinal fluid (lumbar puncture), topamax generic weight loss ii. Tuberculin tests, iii. Excision of gland, muscle, or nodule for histological examination, iv. Bacteriological cultures (blood; sputum; non prescription topamax urine; pus; cerebrospinal fluid, etc.). V. Blood chemistry and other special blood ex- aminations, vi. Renal function tests. vii. Metabolic studies, viii. Protein sensitization tests. ix. Pharmacodynamic tests.

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