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X. Electrocardiography, xi. Sphygmography. xii. Exploratory punctures. xiii. Animal inoculations. Now and then the findings obtained by laboratory examinations are pathognomonic. But this is only occasionally true, and the mistake is often made by practitioners of expecting too much of their co- workers in the laboratory. The results of the tests made in tlie laboratory should be valued only in association with the results obtained by other meth- ods Is Toprol A Beta Blocker of investigation. The same remark holds true for the results of rontgenological examinations, to which we may now turn. 4. Requesting certain rontgenological examina- tions. — When X rays first came into clinical use they were employed chiefly by surgeons. Today intern- ists make even greater use of x ray examinations than do their surgical colleagues. Indeed so Toprol Xl Vs Generic exten- sively are rontgenological examinations made in diagnostic studies in general medicine that most in- ternists either install a rontgenological department in their own offices, or form a close working alli- ance with a colleague who is an x ray specialist. Rontgenolcgical apparatus has recently been so greatly improved and the technic has been so much simplified that any intelligent person may after a relatively brief training become competent to make good rontgenograms of the skull, paranasal sinuses, teeth, chest, alimentarv canal, bones, joints, etc. But the satisfactory interpretation of the rontgen- ograms is a far more difficult matter, requiring, like rontgenoscopic interpretations, long experience, much clinical knowledge and sound judgment. Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol Tartrate It seems to me desirable that internists themselves be- come skilled in the reading of rontgenograms and in the interpretation of what can be viewed on the rontgenoscopic screen. It is hard to see how other- wise they are to become able to value the findings in a proportionate way in their diagnostic work, even wlien objective reports of the findings are made to them by skilled rontgenologists. There is an immense autndidactic Generic Name For Toprol Xl advantage in the combin- ation of personal rontgenological interpretation with one's general clinical work. Of course, the major- ity of internists can never expect to become as pro- ficient in plate and screen interpretations as are those professional rontgenologists who give their whole time and Toprol Xl 100 Mg energies to x ray work. But close association of the expert internist with the expert rontgenologist is essential to the best work of each. The internist who does not see the plates made from his own patients misses much ; and the rontgenolo- gist who only reports Toprol Xl 50 Mg Recall on his x ray examination and knows nothing of the clinical history Is Toprol Xl A Beta Blocker of the patient is not likely to grow rapidly in power of interpreta- tion. I am afraid that Toprol Xl Coupon rontgenologists are often pressingly Toprol Xl Generic Recall solicited by physicians for specific diag- nostic judgment and that they too often yield to the importunity when they should make it plain that their duty is done when they give an objective de- scription of their findings. So common has Metoprolol Tartrate Vs Toprol Xl it be- come for rontgenologists to attempt to Cost Of Toprol Xl arrive at diagnostic conclusions from their studies alone that it is sometimes difficult to get from them the objec- tive description that one desires, either alone or accompanied by a diagnostic impression. Instead, the reports of "chronic infectious arthritis," "pul- monary tuberculosis," or some other diagnosis come in. That this unsatisfactory state of Toprol Xl Generic Equivalent affairs, which still exists in many peaces, will soon be remedied, every one who desires that rontgenology and inter- nal medicine reciprocally benefit one Toprol Xl Generic Name another to the utmost will hope. Certain x ray examinations I have Generic For Toprol Xl made as a rotttine in every case in Toprol Xl Vs Metoprolol which Toprol Generic Equivalent I attempt a general diagnostic study: i, paranasal sinuses; 2, dead teeth and Generic Name For Toprol unerupted teeth ; 3, thorax with heart, aorta, lungs, pleura:, and mediastinum ; and, 4, gastrointes- tinal tract after ingestion of barium. In addition, special x ray examinations are made according to indications derived from the anamnesis and the gen- eral physical examination. 4. Rontgenological examinations. a. Routine. i. Rontgenogram of paranasal sinuses. ii. Rontgenogram of dead teeth and of unerupt- ed teeth, iii. Rontgenogram of thorax, iv. Rontgenogram of gastrointestinal tract. b. Special (when indicated). i. Stereoscopic rontgenograms Toprol Xl Beta Blocker of skull and sella turcica, ii. Stereoscopic rontgenograms of lungs Metoprolol Vs Toprol Xl and pleurae, iii. Telerontgenograms of heart, iv. Serial rontgenograms of gastrointestinal

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