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tract. V. Rontgenograms of gallbladder area, vi. Rontgenograms of bones, joints, and spine, vii. Rontgenograms for renal calculi, viii. Pyelograms and ureterograms after buy trazodone thorium iniection. The reports from the several rontgenological ex- aminations are filed with the other reports until the data from specialists' examinations have been collected. {To be continued.) Surgical Treatment of Tuberculous Peritonitis. — L. y. Hanmtond (Pennsylvania Medical Journal. Tune, 1918) advocates a median abdominal incision. In the adhesive form care must be taken not to injure the intestine which may be adherent to the peritoneum. In cheap trazodone the ulcerative form the results are not particularly good as intestinal fistulas are liable to develop. Contraindications to operations are fever, how much do trazodone cost advanced pulmonary disease or amyloid changes in the kidneys and intestines. Tuberculous cheap trazodone no prescription lesions in the abdomen should not be removed until after the patient has recovered unless they are localized in the appendix, how much does trazodone cost tubes, or omentum. In- testinal anastomosis may have to be performed. The helpful factors are probably the relief of the tension generic trazodone 50 mg by the evacuation of the fluid exudate, the irritation of the serosa, and the establishment of collateral circulation. LVI'TINGER: LOCOMOTION AS AN AW IN DIAGNOSIS. 494 LOCOMOTION AS AN AID IN DIAGNOSIS.* By Paul Luttinger, M. D., New York. There is a group of diseases, mostly of the nerv- ous system, which at a certain point of their evolu- tion stamp the sufferer with a characteristic mode of locomotion. To ohserve such a modification ot the normal walk is often sufficient to make a cor- rect diagnosis. It is strange, however, how little at- tention this important subject has received from the medical profession. In fact, other than the buy trazodone hydrochloride work of the brothers Weber who established the physi- olo<^V and mechanism of human locomotion, of Neu- gebauer and of Gilles de la Tourette, who developed the ichnogram method of gait study, scarcely any- thing of importance has been done along these lines for the last quarter of a century. The study of the mode of locomotion in various diseases and ailments remains, therefore, a fertile field of research for the podiatrist. The act of locomotion or the power of progres- sion is not a simple one. Various correlated move- ments combine to form what we ordinarily term the walk The three chief elements are: i. Posture; 2 station, and 3, gait. These three factors may be influenced by local or general diseases, either sepa- ratelv or together. . . Posture is the term applied to buy trazodone hcl the position of the body in space and is not of much interest to the podiatrist except as corroborative of the two other elements of locomotion. It has, however its value in diagnosis and the new practitioner of podiatry will do well to learn to observe the position of the body at various angles and in various diseases. One should learn early, generic trazodone online for instance, that immobihty is not always due to paralysis. It may be due to pain, as in rheumatism or to a disinclination to move as in scurvy, buy trazodone 50 mg rickets or any buy trazodone online uk condition causing dyspnea. The restlessness in fevers and in large hemorrhages, as well as the throwing about in renal, gallstone or intestinal colics, is known to all. Equally char- acteristic are the agitation and irregular movements in chorea and hysteria ; the gunhammer posture generic trazodone hcl in cerebrospinal meningitis, and the opisthotonos in tetanus and strychnine poisoning. Station is the power of standing more or less firmlv on one's feet. It includes attitude, which is the manner of standing, i. e., buy trazodone sleep the relation of the rest of the body to the erect position. TJje carnage of the head and shoulders should be noted; the shape of the buy trazodone generic entire body, whether bending forward trazodone discount coupon as in "stooped shoulders" (faulty attitude habit) and in paralysis agitans. or bending backward, as in ascites and abdominal tumors, should trazodone cost without insurance be closely studied and differentiated from the generic trazodone cost actual lordosis which buy trazodone online no prescription is seen in spinal diseases, in advanced preg- nancy, in pseudohypertrophic paralysis and in cret- inism The strictest attention should be paid to the attitude of the lower limbs, their shape and their re- lation to each other when the erect position is as- sumed. The degree of firmness with which the in- dividual buy trazodone uk stands should always be taken into con- sideration before a final diagnosis is made, bway-

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