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•An advance Trental Online chapter from a textbook on PrarHc-.; Pof^'l^f^'^^' li^hed by The First Institute of Podiatry, 213 West 125111 streei, New York. [New York Medical Journal. ing is the term applied to any departure from the ideally rigid erect attitude and perpendicular station. The normal individual, with eyes open and heels close together, swavs about one inch forward and three quarters of an inch from side to side. In functional Trental 400 and static ataxias, the swaying Buy Trental may be- come so extreme as to Purchase Trental Online produce absolute incapacity to stand. n • „ Gait means the Trental Tablets specific manner of walking. It is a narrower term than locomotion which is the power of walking. It is, however, the chief factor in Pentoxifylline Trental the act of progression and in the majority ot cases it is characteristic enough to stamp itself in- deiiblv on the normal as well as on the diseased in- dividual While in character reading gait expres- sion may not be as popular as face expression, it is often more reliable and in certain diseases it is sim- ply invaluable as an aid in diagnosis. Methods of Diagnosis The observation method.— Th\s is the usual method of ascertaining the gait of_ an individual. It is practised by the average physician and podi- atrist and Trental 100 Mg consists in Order Trental Online observing the patient while he or she walks up and down Trental Cost the room, taking notice of the peculiarities of gait Buy Trental Online which may develop Ihe patient may be allowed to roam freely about the room or should be directed to follow a carpet seam or a crack in the floor at right angles to a previous line of vision. This may be varied by opening or closing the eyes, stretching out the arms, with legs wide apart, or keeping them close together. Brisk walking should alternate with a slower gait and the effect of stopping abruptly and turning sharply at command should be closely observed. It is best to have the patient uncovered from the hips down, in women, the nightgown or chemise can be pulled tightly between the thighs and fastened anteriorly with a safety pin. Due allowance should be made i for nervousness and a careful watch must be main- I tained against a serious fall. _ The ichnognwi method.— Th{s consists in study- ing the impressions left by both soles (previously cobred) when walking on paper for a dis- tance of about twenty-five feet. Ichnograms (from the Greek— !t-;io>;o5— trace, and gramma— io write) as a method of gait diagnosis are more exact than the method of observation Purchase Trental and should supplement it Besides, they inform us, at the same time, of tlie state Trental Injection of the'pl^ntar arch as each pelmatogram rthe impression of a single foot) shows more or less clearly a posterior oval which changes but little, and an anterior oval, as well Buy Cheap Trental as toe marks which undergo characteristic contour changes, de- pending on the state of the ligaments, of the tarsal and metatarsal bones and phalanges, and the rela- tion of these structures to Trental Indications the musculature Trental Price and Trental Generic in- nervation of the foot. Classification Order Trental of Gaits. Strictly Trental Mg speaking there are only three types of gait • I the paretic; 2, the ata.rhc and 3, the elwretc. In some diseases there may be a combination of the three, while in others one type of gait predom- inates during the early stage and another during the later developments. At times, one comes across a gait that combines characteristics of the three types and' hence is difficult of cli*ssification. September , LUTTINGER: LOCOMOTION AS AN AID IN DIAGNOSIS. 495 I. PARETIC GAIT. Paresis means a lessening of the normal motility of a muscle, while the term paralysis denotes entire absence of motor power. We may have, there- fore, two or three distinct paretic gaits according to whether the muscle is slightly or severely weak- ened or entirely paralyzed : A. The mild paretic gait ; 9\ Generic Trental

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