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^ Ffc. I. — A. Pelmatogram Buy Tricor Online of pelniatogram showing weight be norm.-il Tricor Online Tricor Coupon female foot. B. Modified "ing points. SUlLb U B. the moderate or Tricor 145mg flaccid Tricor Price paretic gait ; C. the severe or spastic paretic gait. A. The mild paretic gait is caused by muscu- lar weakness due to a large number of etiologic factors. It results in slowing of locomotion, the steps being shortened on account of an exaggerated flexion at the knee joint. Tiie following Tricor Mg are Tricor Cost exam- ples of mild paretic gaits : 1. The pompous gait.' — The upper part of the body leans backward, the back is f hollowed, the abdomen is protuberant, the feet are Tricor 145 widely separated and ap- pear to move with delibera- tion and dignity, giving the impression of conscious im- portance — hence the name. This gait may be seen in obesity, pregnancy, ascites, large abdominal tumors, cretinism and Tricor Prices rickets. 2. The hobbling gait. — • The pelvis tilts toward the sound side, while the trunk leans over to the affected side, causing more or less 9'% pronounced limping. This '^|A gait is limping. This gait Buy Tricor ^^f is seen in people afflicted ^m with corns, rheumatism, ^L gout, sciatica, plantar neur- ^^ algia, Morton's neuralgia, metatarsalgia, hip or knee joint disease or injury (re- cent or old), sacroiliac dis- ease, sprams, inflammatory diseases of the lower ^jj^'"^™ty. chimation, Tricor Coupons short leg, paralysis of one leg, abdominal aneurysm, and subacute and chronic ap- pendicitis. 3; Intermittent limping (disbasia angiosclerotica or mtermittent claudication) may be classified here ! Fig. 2. — Ichnogmm of a normal gait. and is a curious limping Order Tricor gait which develops in ar- teriosclerosis of the lower extremities. There are pain and fatigue on walking, which disappear Purchase Tricor after a sfiort rest, to reappear Cheap Tricor again soon after walking is resumed. The pulse is weak or Cost Of Tricor absent below the knee. 4. The waddling or goose gait. — The pelvis and head of femur are jerked forward at each step, knee advanced and extended Tricor Fenofibrate only after foot is flat Coupons For Tricor upon the ground. There is more lordosis and swinging of the body from side to side at each step, than in the pompous gait. It resembles the gait of a goose. The patient cannot stand on tiptoe. It is seen in congenital dislocation of both hip joints and in pseudohypertrophic muscular paralysis, an heredi- tary disease seen mostly in boys under ten years of age, and characterized by inability to get up from the floor. 5. The wobbly gait. — Resembles Tricor 145 Mg the above and is due to Tricor 48 Mg atrophy or paralysis of the three glutei

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