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ing of locomotion and diminished excursion of the affected limb. The hypertonicity is produced either by direct stimulation of the motor cells in the an- terior horn of the spinal cord, as in traumatic myelitis, or by impulses coming down from the cerebral cortex. The Amoxicillin 500 Mg limb is spastic or rigid, due to the tonic spasm. Wiien the tonic spasm is of long standing, it is termed a contracture. The lower ex- tremity moves as a whole, the toes clinging to the ground, scraping it, and very often catching. Con- trary to the moderate paretic gait, this group pre- sents difficulty in flexion which is partly overcome by the elevation of the pelvis on the side of the swinging leg. I. The mowing or hemiplegic gait. — This is the jjrototype of all spastic gaits and is encountered in its simplest form in all hemiplegias, i. e., in paralysis of one side of the body, which may be caused by cerebral hemorrhage, embolism, thrombosis, syphilis, brain tumor, multiple sclerosis of a cerebral hemi- sphere, meningeal hemorrhage or suppuration, Ray- naud's disease, general paresis of the insane ; some- times it may be due to hysteria (functional hemiplegia), or to uremia (transient Trimox 500mg hemiplegia). No matter what the cause of the hemiplegia, there is always the typical mowing gait. This mowing movement is due to the fact that the spastic limb swings lateralward, describing an arc of a circle, outward, and strikes the ground in a flail like manner. Technically speaking, circumduction takes place by tilting of the pelvis and the swinging of the foot outward and around to Generic Trimox the front. The patient afflicted with hemiplegia makes the same movement with his limb as does the reaper Trimox Online with the hand in which he holds the scythe. The only paralytic gait in which there is no mowing movement occurs in hysterical (functional) paraplegia, which is very rare. In this condition the leg is dragged forward instead of outward. An important shoe sign in paraplegia is that the sole of the shoe is worn down on the inner side. 2. The small step gait (La marche a petit pas). — This gait is seen in cerebral softening following an apoplectic stroke, especially in pseudobulbar par- alysis Buy Amoxicillin ; the steps are very short and the feet are lifted from the ground with difficulty, Where To Buy Amoxicillin the patient seeming to count his steps. 3. The crosslegged gait. — This gait is due to a spasm of the adductors of the thigh causing the knees to rub against each other, resulting in Trimox Dosage cross- legged progression, the lower limbs having a tend- ency to cross during locomotion. It is seen in both Little's congenital and Erb's syphilitic form of lateral spinal sclerosis. In the syphilitic form a dragging and shuffling gait is often associated with the crosslegged type. 4. The ill defined spastic gaits. — 111 defined spastic gaits are seen in tetany (paroxysmal Buy Trimox Online tonic spasm) from any cause, and in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, which is the spastic form Trimox 500 Mg of progressive muscular Order Trimox atrophy (Charcot's disease). This involution dis- ease, clue Amoxil Trimox probably to developmental defects of the lateral pyramidal tracts, has the combined symptoms of spastic spinal Where Can I Buy Amoxicillin paralysis, anterior poliomyelitis and bulbar palsy, hence the difficulty in classifying it. Myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord) may be due to trauma, alcoholism, syphilis, vertebral caries (compression myelitis), Amoxicillin Amoxil tumors, aneurysm, hemor- rhages into the cord, etc., and will Amoxicillin 500 exhibit various gaits according to the stage and severity of Buy Trimox Trimox Antibiotic the dis- ease It mav begin with a Trimox Indications mild paretic gait passing through several Trimox 500 stages of the spastic Trimox Side Effects gait on to com- plete paraplegia (paralysis of both lower extremi- ties). In complete paraplegia there is of course no gait, as the patient cannot walk, there being a loss of the power of locomotion but not of progression (a patient so afflicted may still move from place to place on his hands). 5. The dragging gait. — In hemiplegia one foot only is dragged. Dragging of both feet is seen in multiple neuritis, hereditary peroneal atrophy, spas- September LUTTINCER: LOCOMOTION AS AN AID IN DIAGNOSIS. 497 modic spinal paralysis, and spinal and syphilitis spinal paralyses. 6. The dromedary gait, so called on account of its resemblance to the gait of a camel, is seen in children suffering with progressive torsion spasm (Flatau- Sterling disease).

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