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backward steps with increasing rapidity, while the body remains in the characteristic posture of para- lysis agitans ; namely, in the forward leaning atti- tude. In festination "the body tries to overtake its centre of gravity" (Trousseau). 3. The saltatory gait ("the jumpers") is a very rare condition occurring the instant the weight of the body is put upon the Valtrex On Line feet. It consists in strong and rapid contractions of the muscles of the thigh and leg causing the patient to jump Valtrex Order up vio- lently. It is probably an hysterical spasm. 4. The myotonia gait occurs in Thomsen's dis- ease and consists of tonic, painless spasms when- ever a certain group of muscles begins to function. The steps are first checked and delayed 500 Mg Valtrex ; but this gradually wears ofi^. This curious condition re- turns again when the same group of muscles is called into action. Owing to the tonic spasms, Order Valtrex this gait might have been properly classified as a spastic paretic gait, Purchase Valtrex were it not for the fleeting and irre- gular character Valtrex Buy of the spasticity. 5. The hysteria gait, *nown also as astasia- abasia, is notable Valtrex Online by the ease with which it inav simulate any and all of the gaits described above, the spastic as well as the flaccid types of paralyses. — even the cross legged gait, ending in complete HERB: TECHNIC OF Buy Valtrex INTKAl'ENOUS AiEDICATION. [New York Medical Journal. inability to stand or walk. It differs from all of them, however, in the ability of the patient to per- form all the nervous functions of the limb when lying in Valtrex Buy Online bed. The hysterical gait may also end in: Catalepsy which is a state of muscular rigidity enabling a limb to maintain a posture How To Order Valtrex in opposition to gravity for one hour or more (waxy flexibility). This curious phenomenon of retaining the leg or Cheap Valtrex any other part of the body in a fixed attitude (given to it by the operator) is sometimes seen in catatonia, general paresis, brain tumors and, (rarely) in meningitis. T265 Boston Road. THE TECHNIC OF INTRAVENOUS MEDI- CATION. By Ferdinand Herb, M. Buying Valtrex D., Chicago. The ever increasing importance of intravenous medication, especially in the treatment of syphilis, makes it desirable to simplify, if possible, its technic sufificiently to make this promising therapeutic measure safe and reliable at the hands of the less experienced physician. The part that seems most difficult and, therefore, needs improvement more than any other is the introduction of the needle into the vein. As simple as it may seem at the hands of the expert, it has frequently proved disastrous and is fraught with serious consequences if performed under unfavorable conditions by Valtrex 500mg any one who lacks experience. Not only should the vein be entered, but the point of the needle must be Online Valtrex properly placed ; it should neither perforate the opposite wall nor should a part of its outlet be left outside of the vessel. The success of introducing the needle into the vein and placing its point correctly depends mainly upon the degree of the filling of the vessel. If it is filled well and Valtrex Purchase is hard, the introduction of the needle is easy and offers no difficulty. However, as the filling grows less and the vein flabby, the trick of introducing the needle gets more difficult and uncer- tain, until finally, when Valtrex To Buy the filling gets below a cer- tain point, even the expert will fail at the attempt. Theoretically and practically, the best filling of the vein is obtained if the constriction of the arm is regulated so that the pressure remains just below Ihe point at which the arterial flow is interrupted. If Get Valtrex this is done, the blood enters the arm under the "full force of the arterial pressure and, after passing the capillaries, crowds into the veins until they are completely filled and hard. On the other hand, if the pressure is too high or too low, so that either the arterial flow is interrupted or the venous flow in- sufficiently blocked, the filling of the vein becomes incomplete and, in a corresponding measure, the in- troduction of the needle grows more difficult or is impossible. Of a technic, Valacyclovir Valtrex that may be depended on by the less experienced physician, we must, consequently, de- mand that this optimum degree of pressure can be obtained in any and all instances quickly and accur- Valtrex Mg

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