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hour after the patient begins to eat. The acids are estimated by Topfer's method,^ and the re- sults reported in terms of c.c. ' A slight modification of the Topfer method is used — namel.v. that, when titrating with phenolphthalein as an indi- cator to determine the total acidity, the end reaction is taken as the first permanent appearance of pink, instead of the deepest cherry obtainable, of 2V"-10 acid in 100 C. C. of the filtered gastric juice. For some time pepsin and pepsinogen have been tested for after the Mett method, this method having superseded the emplo.\-ment of egg disks and fibrin. I also report the patient's temperature on the day of the meal and on the preceding day. In arranging the cases for study, I have adopted the classification outlined above in the report of Brieger's work (page 2). Such a classification Cheap Zantac must, Buy Zantac of course, be somewhat arbitrary ; where there was doubt as to the group to which the case belonged, it was placed in Zantac 75 Mg the intermediate group. The probable duration of the disease is estimated from Online Zantac the history given by the patient ; the phys- ical examination of the stomach, at the time of the taking of the status prsesens, Order Zantac Online furnishes the data, regarding its position and size. The following tables give a detailed analysis of the individual cases : Before proceeding to draw conclusions from these cases, I think that it will be well to sum- marize the condition in each group. Table I. — Group one includes ten cases early in the disease. The diirafioii does not exceed nine months. In eight cases there is a history of stomach symptoms, which in some cases antedate the lung condition and in others introduce or ac- company it. The motor pozver was on the aver- age about normal, about 52 c.c, being recovered at the end of an hour. There was some retention in one case, having a history of stomach trouble of Purchase Zantac Online three years' duration ; in two other cases there was variable motor power, each showing de- creased motor power in one test meal out of three. In four cases hydrochloric acid was always found, in one it was always absent, and in five it was at times found, at others absent. Zantac 150 Mg In amount, the free hydrochloric acid averaged 30.3, the highest being 75 and the lowest 4. The total acidity ranges between 88 and 5, the average being 39.6. In five out of 17 estimations of combined acid, the average value was 19 ; in the other twelve it averaged about 6.6. In summing up the condition in this group, I would say that two cases showed an ap- proximately normal acidity, one h3'peracidity, two distinct hypoacidity, and the remainder a condi- tion of hypoacidity, sometimes becoming ana- chlorhydria. The peptic digestion seems un- changed. Table II. — Group two contains eleven cases ol intermediate severity, with 16 examinations. Buy Zantac Online The duration of the disease is five months to two years. The quantity recovered at the end of the hour was Zantac 150 544 MfXSOX: THE STOMACH /.V TUBERCULOSIS. 78.7 ex. Hydrochloric acid was present in every examination in 6 cases, constantly absent in 3, variable 300 Mg Zantac in one, and 'doubtful in one. The Where To Buy Zantac high- est value of free hydrochloric acid was 38, Zantac Coupon the low- est 5 and the Zantac 150mg average of the examinations about 15. The total acidity varied between 5 and 56, the average being 32.5. When estimated, combined acid was low ( average = 10), except in one case where it reached a value of about Zantac Buy 17. Peptic diges- tion appears undiminished in this group. Table III. — Group three contains 5 cases of ad- vanced tuberculosis With 9 examinations. The quantity of stomach Zantac Online contents recovered was 43.5, one case showing once a value equal to 100 c.c. The qualitative tests for free hydrochloric acid were present once, at times found in two, and absent in two others. The hydrochloric acid Order Zantac did Purchase Zantac not exceed 22 nor fall below 10. when present. The average of the combined acid tests was 12. The average total acidity was 33, the Zantac Mg highest being 90. in a case which also showed a combined acid value of 20. Peptic digcstio)i was usually decreased. A tabulation of these summaries will aid in studying the results : Oroiip I. Group II. Group III. QUAXTITY Recovered Zantac 300 Mg 52 C.C. 78.7 C.C. .43 C.C. Free HCl always present 4 cases. 6 cases. 1 case. Free HCI always absent 1 case. 3 cases. 2 cases.

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