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tablets of medicine, to supply them in large amounts of buttermilk if resuUs are to be expected. A French preparation called "Antimucose" Zenegra 100 has re- ceived its share of attention, but the results have not virarranted its continued use. To all operators Buy Zenegra the magnificent stimulating ef- fects of pituitary solutions used hypodermically in post operative cases to promote peristalsis and the expulsion of imprisoned intestinal contents, have made welcome the preparation of liquid pituitrin which is taken in from one to five drop doses under the tongue two or three times a day. In using this preparation in this class of cases we must be mind- ful of the double action of endocraniological reme- dies and must be wary of producing over stimula- Zenegra 100 Mg tion of the motor Zenegra 100mg powers of the gut. Therefore, with this Zenegra Uk pituitary liquid, very small doses, even of a drop or a half drop, must be used in the be- ginning, and an advance to a substantial amount may be made only after prolonged use of the drug and careful observation of its effects. Auxiliarv treatment, consisting of night injec- tions into the bowel of a ten per cent, gelatin solu- tion, eight ounces of which are taken as hot as can be borne and retained until morning, or, similarly, eight ounces of cottonseed oil taken warm and re- tained until morning, produces most satisfactory results. Hot applications, for their antispasmodic effects, are given in the form of hot flaxseed poul- tices, which can be further assisted by the use of hot water bottles over a prolonged period, or by use of the electric heating pad. Hot sitz baths and Presnitz compresses may also be used, and oxygen irrigations of the intestines, taken through a duod- enal tube. There is no question but that oxygen does much to bring about a normal condition of intestinal flora, if it is gotten into the small and large gut. By means of a cylinder of oxygen at- tached to a duodenal tube, the patient takes treat- ments for about a half an hour in the morning, al- \o\\ ing the oxygen to pass slowly through the tube ; the patient experiences no discomfort, is conscious of a fullness in the abdomen and passes the gas from the rectum within a few minutes of the time that the instillations are begun through the mouth. The author is indebted to Schmidt for this sugges- tion and has found it of extreme value in these cases. Treatments can be taken at home, the patient readily learning to pass a duodenal tube, and the ordinary commercial cylinders of oxygen used Zenegra 50 for anesthesia are readily at hand. This can be sup- plemented bv enemata of carbon dioxide gas, which has a wonderfully antispasmodic action on the large bowel, and which can be taken bv using a rectal tube, attaching it to an ordinary siphon and invert- ing the siphon after enough water has been allowed to pass out so that the glass tube in the siphon is above the water level area ; then the contained car- bon dioxide gas is liberated and passes out into the rectal tube through the bowel. Several years ago I conducted a prolonged series of experiments on the use of autogenous vaccines in intestinal autotoxemic conditions. A report of lOO such vaccines failed to show any improvement in the intestinal condition, and I do not think that the patients should be subjected to the expense incident to such procedure. However, a suitable mixed vac- cine is a valuable Zenegra Online adjunct in the treatment of these cases. The use of saline mineral waters has not ap- peared to be of especial value, the laxative waters especially being interdicted, Cheap Zenegra but if after a careful urinary examination a condition of acidosis is found, the use of bicarbonate of soda in teaspoon- ful doses several times a day, combined with a lactose solution, produces a cure of the acidosis, and commercial Kalak water is most effective along this line. The subject should not be left without tribute being given to electric modalities in producing re- sults in these cases, Geiser reporting a series of cases in which there was marked relief from the use of the high frequency current applied by the diathermic method. Surpassing even this in benefit is the method of using the sinusoidal current, and the author, despite its irritating effect, uses a com- bined abdominorectal faradization, the important point being to use only a current with a long thin wire secondary coil, which is sedative in its effect, the ordinary commercial coarse wire secondary coils being irritating and doing more harm than good. Supplementing this the various actinic lights may be used, and where they are powerful enough to produce a sharp dermatosis over the abdomen with subsequent tanning of the skin, beneficial results are undoubted! V attained by the sedative effect pro- duced on the irritated intestinal mucous membrane and musculature. The clinical results attending surgery in this class of cases are not at all favorable, and surgical treat-

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