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ment Order Zestoretic of these cases should be discouraged. The hypertensive nervous system is only aggravated by the psychic shock incident Zestoretic Price to operation, and cases have been seen that have been put back a year on the road to recovery by the too free application of surgical measures. It would be useless Buy Zestoretic to attempt the treatment of any of these cases without first determining whether or not there is displacement of the stomach or intes- tines, or whether a general splanchnoptosia is pres- ent ; and the fact has been repeatedly Buy Cheap Zestoretic emphasized by the author that cases of misplaced abdominal vis- cera are not appealing from the alteration of their geographical position, but from their physiology, and efforts should be made to determine the point where the motility of the gastrointestinal tract is in error and correction brought about by the suitable application of suj^porting bands and corsets. An inflated air pad, which is placed in the lower seg- ment of the corset, from the navel down, is the most effective present method of producing intraabdomi- nal pressure. Purchase Zestoretic Online The musculature of the anterior ab- dominal wall, despite the spasmodic conditions below it, must be vigorously attacked to produce increased strength, and the general setting up exercises, and the use of the shot bag apron, will remedy this dis- tressing feature. 300 McDOnough Street. Medicine and Surgery in the Army and Navy MOBILIZING THE SPAS AND HEALTH RESORTS Order Zestoretic Online OF OUR NATION* By N. Philip Norman, M. D., Fort Leavenworth, Zestoretic Tablets Kan., Captain, Medical Reserve Corps. U. S. Army; Examiner in Neuro- psychiatry, U. S. Disciplinary Barracks. Fort Leavenworth. {Continued from page 465.) THE HOT SPRINGS OF ARKANSAS. Nestled in a valley in the Ozark mountains, the famous thermal springs are found, flowing in seem- ingly endless quantity. Frequented first Buy Zestoretic Online by the aborigines, whose tradi- tions credited the dwelling of the Essence of the Great Spirit in the hot Lisinopril 20 waters, Zestoretic Generic and more recently by the "pale face" for the relief of conditions un- improved by the usual Zestoretic Cost incantations and dispensa- tions of piimitive and modern "medicine men," respectively, these springs have a reputation that dates from primeval times. When we speak of Hot Springs, Arkansas, we think of that metropoli- tan resort, with its many hotels, boarding houses, bath houses, drinking fountains, wide streets and roadways winding to the mountains, and the delightful social at- mosphere Zestoretic 20 12.5 Mg of that city accustomed for so many years to entertain the thousands who flock there in quest of health. Surrounded on all sides by scenic grandeur, nat- ural and artificial, Purchase Zestoretic one may revel in the artistic creations of nature and man with hygienic effect upon mind and Zestoretic Online relaxa- tion of the Generic Zestoretic nervous ten- sion that wears so many physiques. The golf links are noted as one of the best in the country and many other attractions have been provided for the entertainment of guests. In 1832 the government set aside a reservation, thereby protecting the springs and exerting a super- vision of their control. In 1882 the Army and Navy hospitals were erected and have been in opera- tion since that date — a substantial attestation of the regard that the Medical Departments of the Army and Navy hold for Cheap Zestoretic the therapeutic value of the waters. Numerous drinking Zestoretic Strengths fountains have been Zestoretic 20 erected throughout the reservation, facilitating the use of the waters at all times and places. A system of graded paths, Zestoretic 20 25 Mg modeled after the scheme of Oer- tel. has been built.

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