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There are forty-three thermal Price Of Zetia springs and a num- ber of cold mineral springs. The thermal springs Cholesterol Zetia issue from the ground at temperatures Zetia Hair Loss varying •Published by permission of the Surgeon General's Office, Wash- ES3 GiMCSimibl- I 1 Hcsb,Wra.iUo-ns ess iKcUstriivlScKo.! GE3 NurtIS Q., for spoke Base ITosp Springs, from 135° F. to 145° F. They contain no mineral ingredients, and the therapeutic principle is chiefly radium emanation. One spring has a maximum charge of 265.6 Mache units. The waters are used for drinking and bathing. The cold springs are used for drinking purposes. The thermal waters are collected and mixed so that no bathhouse can be said to have a better water than another and claim superiority. Zetia Price Since radium emanation is the feature property of the thermal springs of Hot Springs, Arkansas, a brief summation of what we Zetia Coupons know about the phys- iological effects of this therapeutic force is ne- cessitated in order to understand the physiological action of the baths. While Hot Springs, Arkansas, may justly claim Cheap Zetia radioactive superiority over the other springs m this country and demonstrate be- Zetia Cost yond Zetia Discount a doubt the therapeutic action of radium em- anation on the diseased organism, it is by no means the only spa in Buy Zetia Online this country that may ascribe results to this force. However, it is the only spa that can claim results due en- tirely to radium emana- tion, because its waters are free from other chemical ingredients. Cost Of Zetia The physiological ac- tions of radium are many and varied. That it is a metabolic accelera- tor is shown by its effect upon the blood making organs — increase of the Zetia Cheap blood cells, of hemo- globin Zetia Online and of the coagu- lability Discount Zetia of blood ; its stimulation of digestive processes, especially when taken internally ; the increase of the func- tional activity of the kid- neys, with a better elimination of the urea tai of 50,000 beds, near What Is Zetia Hot and uric acid, due to its ' '■■''"*^^- promotion of their com- plex chemical processes ; favorable Zetia Prices influence Zetia Coupon on the ductless glands, the liver, the lymphatics, and serous cavities. Respiratory rate is increased with a corresponding increase of carbon diox- ide elimination. Blood pressure is lowered and the overburdened heart Buy Zetia relieved. The sexual organs are stimulated. Summed up in few words, the physiological Zetia Discount Card effects of the baths are • Marked metabolic activity, mani- fested by an increase of body temperature, usually from two to three degrees Fahrenheit, in a bath of from five to fifteen minutes' duration, and persist- ing on an average for forty minutes, when it re- turns to normal ; acceleration of circulatory activity, the heart rate increasing from Zetia 10 Mg thirty to fifty tieats a minute ; perhaps the increase of the opsonic index because of this metabolic activity; a profuse dia- phoresis following the bath and, in this way, effect- ing a return of body temperature to normal, and the 3 ^o8, MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE ARMY AND NAVY. [New York Medical Journal.

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