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ments of nutrition. Bowles water has Zofran 8 Mg the Cost Of Zofran smallest mineral content, but much the greatest radioactivity, and is chiefly diuretic in effect. Proserpine may be Zofran Buy said to be a prototype of Pluto, but Zofran 4 less intense in action. The drinking of the waters, when properly pre- scribed, is valuable in the following conditions and diseases : Diseases of the stomach, the hyperchlorhy- dnas, the so called gastric catarrhs, the gastric neuroses, atonic stasis and dilatation coming within the field of the waters' usefulness through the tonic and cleansing eiYects obtained ; diseases of the in- testines, constipation and disorders secondary to this Zofran Iv dysfunction, and colitis ; disorders of the liver, tliose incident to constipation and in the early stages Odt Zofran of cirrhosis of the liver, and in the catarrhal jaun- dices ; Zofran Cost disorders of nutrition, as the so called gouts and rheumatisms, and obesity of the metabolic type ; functional nervous disturbances, especially those somatically expressed by complaints of in- digestion, hyperacidity, or hypomobility and hyper- mobility. The bath department is in harmony Zofran 8mg with the general excellence of the rest of the establishment. Rest rooms are well 8 Mg Zofran arranged for the use of pa- Zofran Odt tients. The eciuipment includes Zofran 4 Mg Aix, Vichy, Scotch, fan, rain, circular, steam Zofran Ondansetron and perineal douches with rooms for colon irrigations, massage and swimming pool. The effects of the baths, in general, are classed as tonic, sedative, eliminative and local. These results are brought about by reactions through the vaso- motor system and reflex stimulation of heart action, produced by the effect of temperature, mechanical stimulation of pressure and impact, friction and im- pact and by. the chemical action of the salts and gases, hydrogen sulphide and carbon dioxide. The MEDICINE AND SURGERY IN THE ARMY AND NAVY 509 sulphur baths given in Pluto are the feature baths and, because of their soothing effect upon the skin, are valuable in certain forms of skin diseases. The sulphur baths are used cooperatively with the drinking of Zofran Mg the water, for Iv Zofran the following conditions : Diseases of the stomach and intestines; diseases of the liver and bile passages ; diseases of the kid- neys ; neurogenic blood pressures ; chronic rheu- matism and allied disorders ; obesity and disorders of the nervous system, the functional and neuri- tides type. The diseases of the skin successfully treated are dry eczema, urticaria, psoriasis, pruritis and the toxic rashes. their geographical location and their possession of the equipment necessary for eliminative, sedative and tonic measures. In addition, facilities for re- creation, outdoor Zofran Price life, exercise and rest abound. Descriptions will be brief and will concern only the salient features. IHE Cost Zofran JACKSON HEALTH RESORT, DANSVILLE, N. Y. This institution is located in the western part of the state, overlooking the Genessee valley and is surrounded on all sides by miles of picturesque country. The elevation is 800 feet above sea level. The climate is bracing and little debilitating weather is experienced, the winter being cold but not so irmy sod Havy Gsceral i Usspltal Ixgpandatile wheel Zofran 4mg asd spsks hospital . >li«ljrbeste Ondansetron Zofran apring Site of Price Of Zofran proposed Base Hospital Accessory measures include diet and exercise on graded walks, golfing, tennis, bowling, and gymna- sium work. .Summing up, we find at French Lick Springs a large institution equipped with every modern convenience for the comfort and entertain- ment of patients. Its hydrotherapeutic de- partment is well established and, in conjunction with

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