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from the adoption of such plans — who have sug- gested to the Medical Department of the Army various propositions for the government control of these institutions. Such plans so far suggested lack a vision of the extent and importance of the whole problem involved, and are not comprehensive in their provisions for solving that problem. Further- more, no single institution of this sort possesses qualities and advantages varied enough to meet all the requirements of the case. And any hw much des zyban cst in ntari plan which provides for the utilization of only one or a few of these hospitals will not facilitate the group-case disposition and the buy zyban nline canada administration generic zyban of sp>ecific thera- peutic measures for definitely classified complaints. It occurs to me that these objections would be obviated and that hw much des zyban cst in australia the nation would be given an ex- tensive and adequately correlated system of hospitals for d yu need a prescriptin fr zyban the treatment of these special classes of cases, by the appointment of a committee — a committee of zyban nline n prescriptin medical men who are familiar, on the one hand, with the requirements of the nation in this respect, and, on the other hand, with the methods used by the various spas and health resorts — to make an ac- curate survey, first of the conditions as they de- velop, and, second, of the measure in which our institutions can take care of these conditions. Fur- ther use of this committee might be made after it had studied the situation and worked out a compre- hensive plan for meeting conditions, in zyban (buprpin) 150 mg that its members could be retained to act in a supervisory capacity over the operation and maintenance of the institutions mobilized. The committee's study of the work accomplished will hw much des zyban cst in canada enable it to decide as to a given establishment's efficiency and to make rec- ommendations on merits alone, not swayed by the interests of the civilians who otherwise might have a hand in the administration. And at the time for demobilization, a process even more complex, in some respects, than the commandeering of the spas and resorts, the advice of such a committee would be especially valuable. Numerous plans buy zyban nline uk for financing this scheme, when once it is adopted, probably will rder zyban n prescriptin be forthcoming. But the simplest, as well as the most economic plan that suggests itself is government control of the institutions chosen, during the period of the war. This is essentially an era of government control of public utilities. There are good reasons why this control should be extended to these therapeutic in- stitutions, if they appear to be of great enough value to the nation. Assuming that this value will become apparent as the United nn-prescriptin zyban States is drawn more and more into the war. it will be obvious that the cheap- est way of obtaining their services will be to com- mandeer then and to pay a fixed rate of interest upon the investments involved. The only other plan would be to construct, maintain, and operate special hospitals with special apparatus for the same use. And zyban sr 150 mg tablet tlie zyban nline australia needless expense, time, and experimenta- tion necessary for this are the obvious objections. MEDICAL NOTES FROM THE FRONT. By Charles Greene zyban 150 mg 60 tablet kullan Cumston, M. D., Private-docent at the University of Geneva; Fellow ot tlie Royal Society of Medicine of London, etc. DESTRUCTION OF MUSCLE IN GUNSHOT WOUNDS. .A man is struck by a missile with full velocity and he falls. Upon recovering from his stupor he notices a zyban generic buprpin sharp pain and a feeling of increasing tension at the site of the wound, while at the same time he finds that there is absolute impotency of a muscle or a group of muscles. There is dispropor- tion generic zyban nline between the very marked functional phe- nomena and the wound, which is apt to be small and without hemorrhage. T'hen following a latent phase lasting several days, the impotency persists but the pain will have subsided. No general symptoms appear and recov- ery is looked for without any complications. The cutaneous generic zyban cst aperture is occluded by a hard brown scab and were it not for edema and a disagreeable feeling of tension, one might look upon the case as a mere cutaneous erosion. But soon the picture changes. This deceitful latent phase rapidly or even suddenly changes to an infectious phase, manifested by a high temperature, chills, rapid pulse, and sometimes vomiting and delirium. Locally, the feeling of painful tension increases, the brown scab lies on a bed of diffuse edema, which gives the sensation of indefinite fluctuation. The skin is bronze colored and violet or even streaked and if the cutaneous aperture is not closed some bloody fetid serous buy cheap zyban nline fluid exudes, but pus is not generally present. It is at this time that the case is treated surgically. .•\fter incision of the integuments if the finger is in- troduced into the wound a small opening in the aponeurosis will be felt. By forcing the finger through this small opening a large pocket will be discovered filled with a dark' semiliquid clotted mass. The superficial layers having been freely incised, thus zyban 150 mg bula thoroughly exposing the pocket, min-

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