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On This Date in 1943: Worsley

On 1 February, 1943. Frank Arthur Worsley died in Claygate, Surrey in England. There is great material available to read and view about Worsley. Below are some suggestion to get started and to start a possible obsession

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100 YEARS AGO TODAY: The Relief of the Ross Sea Party

Too weak for hunting, physicist Richard Walters Richards became the lookout of the stranded party from the Ross Sea end of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-continental Antarctic Expedition. On 10 January, 1917, through…

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Thomas Frank McLeod was born on 3 April, 1873, in Glasgow and grew up in Stornoway, on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. By the age of fourteen McLeod was a man of the sea. He fought in the Boer War where he…

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Sir Ernest in Dublin 1909

Sir Ernest in Dublin: Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Dublin Nimrod lecture

in aid of Lady Dudley’s district nurses, 14 December, 1909.


Almost immediately after the British Antarctic Expedition (the Nimrod expedition),…

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ON THIS DATE ON 1854 Andrée

On 18 October, 1884, Salomon August Andrée was born in Gränna, Sweden.

The incredible story of S. A. Andrée is one that I have only recently come across. I won’t say much about it here. I will simply leave you, our …

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On This Date in 1885 Hurley


On 15 October, 1885, Frank Hurley was born in Sydney. His photographs of Shackleton’s Endurance expedition have shaped how we visually think of the men, the landscape and the hardships, as well as the amusements,…

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Ernest to Emily

I have already made arrangements with Heinemann…and it means £10,000 if we are successful…and the book can pay off guarantees if the people really want them but I think they will not ask for them if we are successful…’

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Looking for more polar adventure stories?

Just in case the breath-taking stories of Sir Ernest Shackleton are not enough to keep you enthralled and entertained, why not indulge your polar interests with those of Sir John Franklin, Capt. Roald Amundsen, Capt.…

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Hiberno-English evident in Shackleton’s voice recording?

After returning from his Nimrod expedition, recordings were made of Shackleton speaking about his experiences. In his book, Shackleton: A Life in Poetry, Jim Mayer wrote:

‘There are no traces of an Irish accent,…

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Shackleton’s Bible given to him by Queen Alexandra

My apologies for the tardiness of this post, another piece of writing has been occupying my attention of late. John O’Reilly, the exhibition’s managing director, asked me recently to research Perce Blackborow

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