S. "the potential bene? T of these micronutrients is only applicable to those with the lowest intakes," the researchers wrote. In other words, only people who are deficient in these compounds are likely to see their risk of pancreatic cancer decrease by raising their intake. But the findings support further research into  how antioxidants may benefit health  and boost the immune system, they said. Previous trials looking at the effects of antioxidant supplements on pancreatic cancer risk have produced mixed findings, and one reason for the results seen in this study may be that food sources of these nutrients have different effects on the body than nutrient supplements, the researchers said. Pass it on: diets that include high amounts of vitamins c and e and the mineral selenium are linked with a lower risk of pancreatic cancer, a new study finds. generic viagra online pharmacy printer ink online   9 snack foods: healthy or not? Why is pancreatic cancer so deadly? 7 foods you can overdose on     print   email   share   comments recommend tweet share this article newsletter signup sign up for free e-mail news alerts from foxnews. Com and foxbusiness. Com. Newsletter signup view article please enable javascript to view the comments powered by disqus. You must login to comment. View article advertisement top health centers back pain beauty & skin cancer cold and flu depression digestive health heart disease nutrition pain management pregnancy sexual health view all health centers » follow fox news health trending in health 1 surgeons remove teen's stomach after she drinks liquid nitrogen cocktail 2 woman's 20-year headache finally gets a diagnosis 3 secrets of happy couples 4 8 dead as steroid-related meningitis cases rise to cardinal 5 man who lost wife in meningitis outbreak discovers he is also at risk see all trends advertisement also on the web the optimal age to be an athlete what it means to be healthy nhl lockout 2012 nfl referees fitness bucket list superfoods that fight colds why s.


The exhibition tells a survival story like no other: Irish-born explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-Antarctic expedition of 1914-1917. Today it’s rightly seen as perhaps the most remarkable in exploration history: a tale of extraordinary leadership—of the triumph of the human heart and spirit when faced with the most terrible odds. But it was years before its true significance emerged.

Relive this true life story at the Shackleton Endurance Exhibition in Dún Laoghaire. On display are over 150 photographs taken by the Expedition photographer Frank Hurley, a full size exact replica of the James Caird; the lifeboat that proved so critical to the rescue, and much, much more. After visiting the exhibition, you’ll understand that it truly was a ‘Triumph against all odds’.