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Rev. Arnold Spencer-Smith, clergyman, photographer and Antarctic explorer, died on the Antarctic continent on 9 March, 1916, during the second sledging session of the Ross Sea party of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-continental…

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Reginald Koettlitz, scientist and polar explorer, was born in Ostend, Belgium, on 23 December 1860. Koettlitz served with two polar expeditions, one Arctic and one Antarctic—the Jackson-Harmsworth North Polar

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Sir Daniel Fulthorpe Gooch 3rd Baronet Gooch, of Clewer Park, died on 22 December, 1926. Gooch was an expert breeder of greyhounds and was, for a short period, the dog handler of Shackleton’s Imperial Trans-continental

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MacLeod Updated

Thomas Frank MacLeod was born on 3 April, 1873, in Glasgow and grew up in Stornoway, on the island of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. By the age of fourteen McLeod was a man of the sea. He fought in the Boer War where

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